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Selendroid Architecture

Selendroid - a tool for automated testing of the Android-based products - developed on the base of the instrumental Android framework.

What Is Selendroid?

The product should be really qualitative in order to be popular among the end-users. Nobody will use the program which is teeming with bugs.

iOS Applications: Beta Testing

As the iOS-based products become more and more popular, the software vendors pay special attention to the quality of such products in order the end users not to select the competitor’s application.

What Is Functional Testing?

A special technique for checking software quality at which the application or system functional is tested against the requirements and generating the desired outcome is called functional testing.

The Secrets of iOS Apps Manual Testing

As iOS platform is very popular today, then for maintaining, it ie required a good reputation, the thorough and detailed checking of all aspects and peculiarities as of the product system, as of conditions of its usage.