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What Is Initial State Testing?

Initial state testing is related to the checking of the software product performance. If this type of QC is performed properly, then one may discover up to 85% of performance problems with its help.

Alpha Testing Peculiarities

Frequently, people who do not relate to IT recognize software product testing as a unit process with certain steps and test requirements. But this is much more complicated.

What Is Maintainability Testing?

Checking of how easily it is to maintain a system is the main aim of this testing type. The system or application support involves analysis, modification, and testing the product.

Pluses and Minuses of Independent Testing

Nowadays, independent testing becomes more and more popular. And it is really true, performing testing of mobile apps and systems, the specialists that are not connected with the project team can significantly increase the development efficiency.

What Is Endurance Testing?

Endurance testing (checking of activity flow) is one of performance testing types. This is the checking of the load level that the product is able to withstand within a particular time.