Online Music Streaming

Online Music Streaming

Our special offer

Digitalization of different spheres of human life leads to the development of various platforms for distribution of video, music, photos and other digital media over the Internet. QATestLab performs testing of applications for music streaming to ensure a flawless and stable stream of media content to end users.

By effectively performing testing of solutions for online music streaming for a couple of years, QATestLab has obtained experience and confident expertise in the niche. Possessing the majority of tools required for testing, our qualified team ensures fast software verification.

What we test

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When performing GUI testing, we follow a manual-based approach as these types of checking takes place at the presentation layer. The graphical element of products/solutions are checked manually by testers in conformance with the requirements specified in business requirements documents.

To ensure positive user experience, we conduct complex testing that includes the validation of the following aspects of the user interface:

  • Platforms for exchanging music between users, compiling and editing playlists by using YouTube and SoundCloud, sharing audio files with others via applications
  • Services for streaming music over the Internet, listening tracks of various labels on different devices online or offline
  • Platforms for listening to and booking unique live performers
  • Solutions that enable listening to all radio stations

How we test

Our testing package includes the verification of the following product aspects:
  • registration / authorization / access recovery
  • all system components and their interaction
  • purchases, e.g., subscriptions, access to free / paid content
  • interaction with social networks including sharing, feeds, followers
  • system performance during multiplayer loading
  • system stability while using different types of internet connection and offline mode
  • playback of content in different formats
  • the application responds to interrupts
  • push- and other notifications
  • security of user data, e.g., user roles testing
  • API including synchronization and data storage between cloud and mobile application or hardware device
  • user interface/user experience
In order to provide effective verification of online media solutions, we perform the following tests:

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We base our testing on well-written test documentation including Test Plan, Test Coverage, Checklists, and Software Requirements descriptions.

Music streaming without breaks

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Possessing a wide range of devices, e.g., iOS, Windows, Android, Amazon, we provide qualitative cross-platform and compatibility testing of solutions for music streaming. We are very flexible in selecting and designing a test strategy based on specifics of the software under test, available requirements, and release date. The testing of solutions for online music streaming requires the verification of a number of factors. In order not to miss any important aspect of software usage, we prepare detailed documentation. Due to our experience, we are able to give recommendations on improving the quality of the final product.