Functional Testing of Mobile Apps

As mobile devices are very popular today, more and more new programs and applications are developed. The systems become more complex and sophisticated, thus, they require the more qualitative checking.

It is necessary to check what loads the system is able to undergo (load testing, performance checking, stress tests); whether it is convenient to use the app (usability testing); whether the data utilized by the product are safe (security testing, access control). and etc. Functional testing attracts special attention.


For correct operation of the mobile product, both peculiarities of the interaction process between the user and application and transactions are checked. Also, the following factors are considered:

  • application type (entertainment, business, finance),
  • targeted audience,
  • ways of distributions.

Performing functional testing of mobile products, the specialists firstly check the key test scenarios in order to make sure that the main functionality works correctly.

What Are the Basic Functional Test Scenarios?

  • Checking required fields working.
  • Testing application launch and exit.
  • Control app collapsing and deployment.
  • Analysis of the system response to the external actions (calls, messages).
  • Checking of multitasking function support.
  • Validating social sharing, reposting, and so on.
  • Testing payment process in different ways.
  • Checking the error messages correctness - their content and conditions of occurrence.
  • Testing the process of app installation and uninstallation.

Also, it is important to pay attention to whether all working peculiarities of the mobile product meets the client’s requirements and operates in accordance with documentation.