Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Why Performance Testing?

The capacity to respond quickly, to handle a big number of simultaneous users, and to remain steady under different loads defines the level of product performance that influences user experience and company reputation.

QATestLab provides the services of performance testing to objectively assess the system operation speed, scalability, and stability. We verify whether system is able to withstand high loads as it was designed.

By conducting performance tests, we do not detect bugs, we find bottlenecks of the system performance before the market release.

What we do

  • Load testing to detect performance issues under heavy loads
  • Stress testing to check the system behavior under high traffic and data processing
  • Endurance testing to verify the system capacities to handle certain load during a long time
  • Spike testing to monitor the system behavior under sudden spikes
  • Volume testing to check the system under different database volumes
  • Scalability testing to verify the system capacities to handle the planned load increase

When conducting different types of performance testing, we evaluate system capacities of different software products - simple web and mobile applications, lightweight HTML websites, heavy systems with JavaScript code, REST API services, etc.

What bugs we face with

  • Long load time
  • Performance bottlenecking - CPU / memory / network usage, OS limitations, etc.
  • Poor scalability
  • Long response time

How we test

Performance Testing sheme

What we need to start

  • Access to testing environment of the application
  • Statistics on average amount and duration of user sessions per day / week, response time under average and peak loads
  • User scenarios to be used in scripts
  • Particular objectives of checking

Tools we use

More than 500 virtual usersLoadRunner
Less than 500 virtual usersJMeter
API running SoapUI test suitesLoadUI
Work of UI under additional loadSelenium scripts
Additional customer’s requirementsAssertions added for JMeter, SoapUI and SLI in LoadRunner scripts

Ensure positive user experience even during a high workload

performance testing 

By thinking outside the box, we design and execute untypical testing scenarios for products and solutions to withstand all Black Fridays when the traffic is very high. If the system is under development for a couple of years and functions properly without serious bugs, it does not mean that it will be able to carry large traffic and high data processing during, for example, New Year’s Eve.

To avoid sudden “Black Friday” crashes and system malfunctions, we conduct several types of performance testing. When designing testing scripts, we always focus on the end user, not server capacities, and take into account previous user experience in order to detect performance bottlenecks in the system and ensure flawless activities.