Virtual Reality Solutions

Virtual reality (VR) is a fast-developing industry that enables the emulation of reality by using a three-dimensional environment generated by specific software, sensors, and devices - VR headsets.

In order to ensure an immersive user experience by qualitative reality emulation, QATestLab provides the services of VR solutions testing. We keep our skills and abilities according to the market needs and trends.

What We Test

The companies develop VR products for different industries including architecture, entertainment, sport, medicine, and the arts. While verifying VR solutions, we check whether users are able to fully feel the ‘presence effect’ that is the basis for a positive user experience.

We test:

  • PC games developed for VR (HTC Vive)
  • Mobile VR applications and games
  • Console VR games
  • Specific equipment for data input/output including base stations, controllers, headsets

How We Test

  • Set game zone according to game specifics or use a standard configuration
  • Install and launch the game
  • Test game based on customer’s requirements
  • Have a 15-minute break every 30-40 minute of testing
  • Detect and open bugs
  • Prepare the test report for the customer
virtual reality solutions

Why Our Offer?

We do not conduct VR testing following the same methods and strategies suitable for game testing. We ensure a fresh and objective view of the quality of VR products. Possessing PS and devices with high capacities and performance, we are able to provide complex testing.

In order to avoid the development of Virtual Reality sickness also known as cybersickness, we select testers who are immune to such a disease. Besides, both the tester and operator together perform the checking procedure making breaks every 30 minutes. This will ensure an on-time quality evaluation without any harm.