Testing of Web 3.0 Solutions

Launch Your Web 3.0 Product with Confidence.

We will accurately check your blockchain application and ensure it is capturing your users, token holders, community, and investors. 

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Blockchain Solutions Testing by QATestLab

We offer QA and testing services for blockchain applications
to ensure better quality and ultimate user engagement

Industries We Test

These industries are centered around creating a more transparent, secure, and decentralized web with the potential to revolutionize how we interact with digital services and products.

icon metaverse


icon play to earn


icon learn and earn

Learn and earn

icon nfts

NFTs marketplaces

icon blockchain

Blockchain games

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Types of Web3 Testing We Do

Web 3.0 is still a very young industry. A complex user interface, lack of adoption, issues with interoperability and usability, and unsatisfactory mobile experience are just a few of the many early adopters are struggling with. 

We understand the importance of breaking this vicious cycle and making blockchain solutions as smooth and seamless for users as possible. To ensure the quality of your software, we conduct the following types of manual testing: 






Performance and load

Exploratory testing

UI testing


Installation & configuration


Tools we use

QATestLab employs various tools and technologies to conduct thorough and efficient software testing. The selection of appropriate tools is based on the features of the product, customer requirements, and project objectives. This approach streamlines processes and ensures a seamless workflow.

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Blockchain-Native Testing Tools We Use for Automation:

tools ethereum tester

Ethereum Tester
An open-source testing library available on GitHub. The setup is relatively straightforward, and it has very good API support for forks mining and other testing functions.

icon nfts

A Java-based framework for Bitcoin-based applications. It allows interaction with the BTC network to test transactions.

tools populus

It is built on py.test framework and has Ethereum testing functionality offered in the form of a specific set of features for test contract deployment.

tools manticore

A symbolic execution tool for analyzing smart contracts and binaries, with features like Program Exploration, input Generation, Error Discovery, etc.

We are a Trusted QA Vendor in the Web 3.0 Environment


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What we deliver

We provide comprehensive QA services, including managed testing services, including:

  • Testing documentation such as test cases and/or checklists
  • Detailed and insightful bug reports tailored to your needs
  • Regular detailed and structured reports on our daily/weekly work
  • A final report summarizing all testing results
  • Actionable recommendations for improving the testing and development processes, as well as feedback on user experience

Before launching a collaboration, we will prepare a free estimation of the product to determine the scope of testing as well as the time and budget required.