Due to our flexibility, we adjust our activities and resources to every customer’s needs, project specifics, and software development methodology. We adopt our QA services to provide effective quality assessment and reduce risks.

We are strong at


For large and complicated projects with fast-changing requirements, we provide a smooth workflow by closely collaborating with the development team and performing effectively the tasks according to their priority.



Without time-consuming meetings and calls and tons of unnecessary papers, we verify ready feature / module and provide the customer with detailed test results that give a clear vision of software quality and readiness of the current sprint.


DevOps Deployment

Based on a collaboration between departments, we verify software quality to assist in reducing potential failures, improving release time and enhancing product reliability. We strive to shorten the time between bug fixing and its retesting by providing clear steps to reproduce.


eXtreme Programming (XP)

In the case of fast and frequent releases, we are ready to provide quality assessment under the conditions of changing demands and without the customer’s vision of final system functionality. By checking user stories, we assist in ensuring effective iterations.


Waterfall Model

In order to accomplish particular goals, we verify the quality of the developed software. Due to the linear nature of the Waterfall model, we ensure objective and on-time software testing based on well-defined objective and stable requirements.