Managed Testing

What Are Managed Testing Services?

Managed Testing by QATestLab is an end to end, fully customized service enabling our customers to delegate tasks and the responsibility of managing and monitoring the testing process being carried out by QA engineers. Our Project Management Office has extensive experience in helping business owners and managers to set up and run managed testing services, including running our own internal operational processes.

Delegating test management to our QA Project Managers gives you an opportunity to focus on new, innovative ways to develop your business, while the competent QA PM looks after your test project from end to end. We provide an effective working model to businesses who are ready to transform their testing system to achieve a high-quality optimized product without money and time expenses, everlasting monitoring responsibilities, and without losing overall control.

What Does Managed Testing Include?

  • A dedicated QA Project Manager at all stages of testing
  • Monitoring of all testing processes carried out by QA engineers
  • Full maintenance and management of all technical and reporting documentation
  • Coordination of terms and priorities of tasks regarding the global goals of the customer:

- Identification of customer requirements for documentation (bugs, test cases, checklists, reports)
- Identification of requirements for the format of interaction (channels and frequency of communication)
- Identification of the highest priority areas/product functionality
- Identification of the necessary types of testing and types of services
- Identification of requirements and frequency of reporting

  •  Professional engagement and interaction between the QA Project Manager and your developers or in-house QA Team
  • Daily, weekly, retrospective meetings for performance evaluation and solving issues on the spot
  • Monitoring processes on the project and identifying stages or tools that require improvement (both manual and automated testing)
  • Adaptation of all testing processes to your particular business model and specifics of work
managed testing

What Will You Get With a QA PM?

  • Arrangement of all testing processes and removal of all testing bottlenecks
  • Compliance with corporate/client service supply standards and project quality requirements
  • Fully transparent QA activities reduction of potential risks, expenses and down time
  • Increase of QA engineers’ awareness of the project goals
  • Project release on time and within the budget
  • Updated and improved test planning, management, governance and reporting documentation: quality control of bug reports, test cases, reports on the results of testing