Managed Testing Service

Entrust management of testing processes to us to ensure their high quality and free up time for other business goals

We offer an end-to-end fully customized managed testing service that enables businesses to

  • delegate the responsibility of managing and monitoring the testing process to our QA Project Manager
  • entrust the complex technical aspects of organizing QA to our QA Tech Lead.
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Team-related issues

Effective planning, management, and monitoring of all aspects of testing at all stages of the project

Establishing effective interaction between the QA Project Manager and your developers or in-house QA Team

Escalation of any problematic issues, mediation and improvement of communication between the customer and QA engineer

Identification of requirements and the format of interaction (channels and frequency of communication)

Coordination of all technical documentation and reports provided by QA engineers (bug reports, test cases, checklists, etc.)

Organizing daily, weekly, retrospective meetings for performance evaluation and solving issues on the project

Timely detection and resolving of the low efficiency of the team

Project & business-related issues

Ensuring adaptation of all testing processes to your particular business model and specifics of work

Executing quality control of estimates and changes on the project

Recommendations on improvements during the testing life cycle 

Identification of potential risks and issues. Development of solutions

Coordinating terms and priorities of tasks in relation to the general goals of the customer

Determining the requirements and frequency of reporting 

Identification of the highest priority areas / product functionality

Identification of stages or tools that require improvement (both manual and automated testing)


Team-related issues

Managing the QA team from a technical perspective.

Participation in retrospective meetings, analysis of the issues and / or problematic cases on the project

Analyzing the tasks and distributing them between team members

Experience in participation in different SDLC models like Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Sequential, Iterative and Incremental

Communicating with the client team and discussing all issues, providing recommendations before an update or release

Project & business-related issues

Creating test documentation, including test cases, test plans, etc

Help and recommendations on optimization of current testing processes

Review and quality assurance of the current testing process and test documentation on the project

Analysis of the business goals of the client and propositions on the best solutions

Defining the stack of technologies that best matches the project (types of testing, documentation, devices, priorities in testing)

Recommendations on the testing-related improvements of the product (using test automation, prioritization of product modules for testing, defining the best testing tools)

Consulting the client on technical questions

Proposing best practices and tools for a project

managed testing what you will get

What you will get: 

Organization and management of all the testing processes

Reduction of potential expenses, risks, and downtime

Removal of all the QA bottlenecks

Constant high-quality communication which  allows predicting and determining all the customer’s needs

Updated and improved planning of QA activities, their management, and reporting

Deep technical expertise of a QA Tech Lead and recommendations on any complex testing-related issues

To start working on your project, we need to:

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Define the cooperation model and project duration

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Agree on the deliverables and the form of reporting

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Receive access to your software

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Sign the required documents

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