UX / Usability Testing

QATestLab performs usability testing to assess whether a software product is appropriate, understandable, and friendly for end-users. Since usability features are subjective, we base our testing on specifics of the target industry and users by analyzing competitors’ solutions in the market and using our own experience of testing product usability.

Using proven UX testing tools, we approach positive user interaction with the software. For this, we follow universal principles while checking different system parameters. These parameters include, amongst others, user interface (UI), layout, navigation logic, operation speed, system flow, and content specifics.

With UX testing, functionality can be checked in parallel. For this reason, usability tests are universal and assist in detecting severe bugs and issues before product release, saving you time and budget.

How We Test

To check whether the solution meets user expectations, we apply two approaches for usability testing: qualitative methodology to detect major issues based on product design, and quantitative testing to check the consequences of changes and product redesign.

Conducting usability testing, we check different product characteristics from the perspective of both beginners and experienced users. We evaluate product efficiency, ease of learning, system accuracy, and failure rate to provide our customers with an objective analysis of product usability.

By gathering and analyzing user experience in real conditions, we perform usability tests on-site and examine the user working environment. On-site observations provide an objective evaluation of system usability at a lower cost.

Product Success Through Usability


User satisfaction equals success for software projects. However, useful functionality, strong security, and a high performing product cannot overshadow poor usability which leave the user with a negative experience. Even excellent design will not prevent visitors from leaving an incomprehensible and uncomfortable website immediately. Solutions should ensure the achievement of users’ goals without any inconvenience.

Excellent usability increases user productivity and satisfaction leading to business development and increased profits.