UX / Usability Testing

UX / Usability Testing

Why UX / Usability Testing?

In order to assess if a software product is convenient and understandable for end-users, QATestLab performs usability testing. As usability features are rather subjective, we base our testing on specifics of the target industry and users, analysis of competitors’ solutions presented on market, and own experience of testing product usability.

In order to provide positive user interaction with the software, we follow the universal principles while checking different system parameters, e.g., user interface (UI), layout, navigation logic, operation speed, system flow, content peculiarities, etc. Usability testing is aimed to check whether solution is user-friendly or not.

Usability tests assist in detecting severe bugs and issues before the product release. Also, they are universal - written cases can be easily modified for functional, unit, or system testing. Besides, the procedure of usability testing requires not so much time and expenses.

How we test

In order to check whether the ready solution satisfies user expectations, we apply two approaches for usability testing: qualitative - to detect major issues on the basis of product nature, and quantitative - to check the consequences of changes and product redesign.

Conducting usability testing, we analyze different product characteristics from the perspective of both beginners and experienced users according to the developed checklists. To provide our customers with objective measurement of product usability, we evaluate ease of learning, product efficiency, system accuracy, and failure rate.

With a demo or paper prototype provided by the customer, we perform usability testing applying laboratory methods. Using quantitative data, we conduct tests in a controlled artificial environment created according to prepared scenarios. All user activities and responses simulated by testers are recorded. But the laboratory technique is rather expensive and time-consuming.

By gathering and analyzing the user experience in real conditions, we perform usability tests on-site and examine user working environment. On-site observations provide objective evaluation of system usability requiring less expenses.

Product success through usability


A satisfied user means a success for software. Useful functionality, strong security level, and high performance of the product cannot overpass poor usability that causes negative user experience. Even excellent design will not prevent the visitors of a website leaving it immediately. Solutions should support and ensure the achievement of users’ goals without any inconveniences.

Usability distinguishes a solution out from the ocean of available similar ones. High usability level increases the users’ productivity that leads to business development and profit boosting.