We bring positive experience to your customers by making quality of your solutions the rule

QATestLab is an independent provider of QA and testing services. We assist in improving the quality of our customers' products and solutions by performing a wide range of software testing types.
We provide a fresh review of the product quality and ensure an objective checking of the whole solution from totally different, untypical perspectives in order to detect as many failures as possible.
Possessing a large “park” of devices and operating a large number of testing tools, we are ready for a quick start. Near 30% of all projects start within a day. 

Your challenges

Solution we offer

Urgent product release Quick project start and 250+ QA specialists
No specifications for software testing Testing with minimal or no documentation
Launching a new product to the market, project with limited budget Reasonable rates and costs planning due to objective and accurate estimations
Lack of expertise in testing, no opportunity to hire staff team 15 year of company expertise and team of experienced QA specialists
No infrastructure to execute the comprehensive testing A wide range of devices, OSs, testing tools and environments

Our Customers

Over 3000 projects in various fields from more than 200 customers all over the world prove that we are worth trusting. Every new project enlarges our experience and sets new goals. By overpassing new challenges, we work to ensure smooth and flawless collaboration with our customers.

"QATestLab delivered a Test Automation infrastructure and automated over 75% of the SaaS Freestyle application merchant workflows, including Magento orders processing, eCommerce processing, and suppliers, customers, and products management workflows, saving over 300 plus hours of manually testing and delivering a great ROI."
(Gaspar Hernandez, Quality Assurance Automation Lead & Director, Dydacomp, USA)
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Why independent QA and testing?

Independent QA and testing guarantee an objective and accurate verification of the product quality. No industry stereotypes, software development projects practices, as well as other traditional attitudes, affect the testing procedure. QA and testing services are the core activities of independent providers. Apart from the standardized testing process, they design unusual test cases for checking untypical use scenarios. This detects tricky issues. Independent provider ensures: