Why QATestLab?

We bring positive experience to your customers by making quality of your solutions the rule

QATestLab is an international provider of independent testing services with 15 years of experience delivering QA support across multiple industries – from eCommerce, banking, and healthcare to game, media, and telecom. Our service portfolio includes manual testing and test automation services for web, desktop, mobile, and cloud applications.

18+ years in testing
3000+ successful projects

Headquarter: Cyprus
Representative office: United Kingdom
R&D centers: France, Poland, Cyprus, Ukraine

250+ QA engineers

350+ devices
40+ testing tools

30% of projects start within 1 day after signing the documents

40000+ listeners in our Int. QA Training Center

We offer:

Quick Start
No long estimation of the project, we can start testing within 1-3 days and join the project on any of its development stages.

Testing projects of any size
We work both with large and small companies. The smallest total size of the project may start from 20 hours.

Testing only when you need it
You can use testing services on-demand, pause testing, or renew it whenever you need it.

Managed testing
Our Projects Managers take on overall control and management of QA teams and are responsible for communications with customers.

Testing on real devices without paying for it
We possess extensive testing infrastructure (350+ mobile devices: Android, iOS, 40+ testing tools). You save money with us because we offer testing on real devices without spending money to buy them.

With 250+ testers on our board
We allow you to shift tasks to other specialists.

We cover the tasks for staff recruitment
With us, you don’t have to spend time and money on the search of specialists. We curate our own training center and hunt QA engineers by ourselves.

Our Customers

Over 3000 projects in various fields (web, mobile, game, e-com, cloud solutions, etc) from more than 200+ customers all over the world prove that we are worth trusting. Every new project enlarges our experience and sets new goals. By overpassing new challenges, we work to ensure smooth and flawless collaboration with our customers.

Read more testimonials and check out what solutions we have already tested. 

Case studies Testimonials

Independent software testing provider takes software delivery in time
and within a budget


Independent testing provider is able to scale and enhance the team quickly and make rotation on-demand, maintaining continuity of all processes without any project downtimes.

Automation of routine tasks

Test automation allows to write test cases in advance and run testing without any repetitive actions anytime.

Unbiased look on the product

Unlike the in-house QAs, in-house engineers are unfamiliar with the project. They take the user’s position, but with the QA domain expertise. Thus, you get an unbiased evaluation of all screw-ups or strong sides of your product.

A tool to be more competitive

Receiving fair feedbacks from independent teams, you learn all your risks in the face and get the opportunity to mitigate them.

Security of your data

Independent companies sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDА).


You pay only for those tasks that your idea requires. All collaboration models can be modified and tailored to your needs. Extensive access to testing infrastructure saves money without purchasing testing equipment and the ability to test your product on real devices.

Speeding up the software development process

With the independent QA team, you can delegate part of the tasks and focus on solving higher priorities, meeting deadlines and goals.

The usage of devices without buying them

Independent companies regularly update and enlarge their pull of devices. Moreover, they offer them on-demand without paying additional costs.

Ready mechanism

You may have incomplete or no technical documentation. You don't have to reinvent the wheel and assign technical tasks. Independent QA teams already have sufficient strategies and ready procedures for testing.