Igor Lopez, CEO, Nadwiser, USA


"We started our collaboration with “QATestLab” in the middle of 2008 as part of a project with “Web100 LTD”, where we collaborated both in acceptance, functional and usability testing.

The “QATestLab” specialists have performed these tasks in time and identified problems and bottlenecks of the product in a very efficient manner. This allowed us making all necessary corrections and releases in time. The end products have been always with a very high quality. “QATestLab” supported the development process using their testing workflow based on “Mantis” bug tracking / issue tracking system. Currently, “QATestLab” supports us with their testing infrastructure in this project.

During the testing phase for our for proprietary iPhone platform the "QATestLab" team had rapidly adapted and enhanced a custom testing workflow according with our mobile application platform requirements, so all decisions about testing infrastructure, testing methodologies and tools and platform emulation were made by their team. This work showed us their professional and technical skills level, based on good theoretical and practical knowledge of QA process.

According with projects demands "QATestLab" has provided the following testing types:

  • Acceptance testing
  • Manual functional testing
  • Usability testing

We are absolutely satisfied with our collaboration with "QATestLab" and their provided level of service and we're going to continue our cooperation in the future.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of "QATestLab" company to anyone looking for software testing of complex solutions."