Test Documentation

Robust documentation ensures effective QA and testing. QATestLab fully supports every project with all necessary QA documentation defining and specifying the testing activities that are required. Our customers get a universal tool to systemize, monitor and control all testing activities.

test documentation

test strategyQATestLab provides a detailed testing strategy to clarify the approaches and the methods applied during testing, the scope of works and objectives, roles and responsibilities, communication and status reporting, test deliverables, industry standards to follow, test automation and tools, testing measurements, bug reporting and tracking, risks and mitigation.

test plan docIn order to have smooth running processes with no or minimal unpredictable variations, well-established testing projects need a test plan specifying the total scope of required QA services and testing means, task scheduling, acceptance criteria, required resources, etc. For separate project segments and for large projects, we provide detailed test plans for every team, every release or project iteration. Moreover, based on our experience, we do not omit risk evaluation and provide possible ways to avoid or mitigate risks.

mBy writing test scenarios, we ensure all processes will be thoroughly tested from end to end. We determine test scenarios based on specifications, customer requirements and communication with project stakeholders, business analysts and the development team.

test case docWe design test cases aimed at verifying particular system aspects by following certain steps with a full understanding of business goals and functional requirements. On the basis of actual and expected results, we make conclusions about system functionality.

bug reportDetailed bug reports supported with additional descriptions, screenshots or video records linked to the test cases help developers easily reproduce bugs without spending much time and effort.

final test reports docIn order to present testing results for customers, we prepare test reports that demonstrate the comparison of actual testing results and test objectives. We provide an objective evaluation of software quality and make our suggestion on product release. Based on given information on how many issues remained and results of testing activities, we inform the project stakeholder in their final decision on solution release. Despite the fact that we have our own standards for reporting, we are ready to prepare documentation in any other form needed by developers