By testing type

Functional Testing

To ensure the full functionality of the software, we check the system for compliance with functional requirements/specifications


To objectively assess system operation speed, scalability, and stability, we evaluate system performance under a particular workload

Regression Testing

To verify whether a system operates according to the specified requirements, we confirm that a recent program or code change has not adversely affected existing features

Penetration Testing

To protect corporate data and personal information and ensure the system has a high level of security, we determine whether it is possible to gain unauthorized access to them

UX / Usability Testing

To ensure the solution meets user expectation, we check whether a solution is user-friendly

GUI Testing

To prevent any user issues and negative experiences, we check the Graphical User Interface

Compatibility Testing

To ensure that solutions for various industries operate flawlessly under different conditions, we verify whether a solution works properly in different browsers, operating systems, networks, devices, etc.

Localization Testing

To verify that a solution content and user interface meet the user language and location, we evaluate products from both a linguistic and a cultural perspective

Integration Testing

To ensure system modules do not interfere with each other in particular combinations, we expose faults in the interaction between integrated units

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