Task Management Systems

In order to keep team productivity high with the constantly increasing scope of work, companies implement task management systems. They are designed to efficiently manage tasks, time, resources, and personnel. Malfunction of Systems causes misunderstandings, missing important dates or assignments, budget losses, or deadline breaks.

QATestLab provides the services of task management systems testing to ensure they work efficiently and, thus, make management and company operation productive. By having systems well checked, companies can be sure that the working procedure is flawless and no pitfalls and unexpected difficulties are hidden.

Based on our experience in testing task management systems, we prove that an effective solution has wide functionality that not only operates without errors but that combines high-performance capacities with a simple, user-friendly interface and strong system protection.

What We Test

  • Cross-platform task management systems for improving project planning and productivity supporting iOS, OS X, Windows
  • Contact management applications for optimizing the storage and communication with business contacts for iOS, Android and desktop version
  • iOS-based solutions for personal self-development that assist in goals achievement
  • Tools for increasing personal productivity allowing to track 35+ cloud accounts in one board
  • Messengers for making free calls, managing tasks and exchanging messages

The implementation of task management systems including the control of all processes, task synchronization, and work planning is called to optimize the business and internal activities. If the system has bugs, then it will cause only additional troubles, prevent or even block the work of the whole company, and all effort spent on task management systems implementation will be useless.

How We Test

The package of task management systems testing includes the verification of the following system aspects:

  • Registration / Authorization / Access recovery
  • All components of the system and their interaction
  • System performance during multiplayer loading
  • System stability while using different types of internet connection and offline mode
  • Push- and other notifications
  • Dashboard
  • Synchronization of information on different devices/platforms
  • Synchronization between the application and the server part
  • Security of user data (user roles testing)
  • API (synchronization and data storage between cloud and mobile application or hardware device)
  • UI/UX

We perform complex testing of task management systems on any platform including iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Amazon.

task management system

Secure Management

We have large experience in testing well-operating task management systems with modern design and good usability. But during the security checking of a certain system, we detected the issues causing confidential data leaks. Besides, we detected such crucial security bugs as:

  • improper distribution of system rights
  • the irreversible process of user removal
  • incorrect user account management after its duplication

By detecting the issues in the protection system and removing security gaps, we prevent our customers from corporate data leaking and potential business failures. We always are trying to deliver great work within the budget and on time.