Our special offer

Online users go mobile and online trade platforms follow them to provide users an opportunity to make purchases via smartphones at lunch or during household breaks. Providers aim to make interaction with their platform convenient and easy, therefore the issues of usability, interface, and functionality are crucial.

QATestLab performs testing of mobile trade platforms to ensure that users order and buy goods or services on mobile devices without any errors or difficulties. We help our customers meet all users’ needs and expectations and enter and win the mobile commerce (m-commerce) market with a competitive product.

What we test

  • Applications for fast product purchase
  • Platforms for shopping and making orders and delivery them exactly to the user
  • Specialized applications for a quick purchase of appliances and clothes with delivery
  • Applications for ordering medicines and their delivery to the nearest pharmacy
  • Services of purchasing and reading e-books on a subscription

Due to our experience, we ensure fast detection of most common bugs and the ones that may block or prevent proper system functioning. Our dedicated team checks the processes of ordering goods, making payment, searching products, blocked database requests, orders duplicating.

How we test

In order to ensure the popularity of m-commerce solutions, they should obligatory be compatible with all the most widespread devices, platforms, and their versions. By executing compatibility tests, we make sure that a solution can be easily downloaded and installed on various mobile devices with different capacities and characteristics. Our package of compatibility testing includes software verification on mobile desktops including MAC and Windows, testing on mobile devices, e.g., Windows, iOS, Android, Amazon, cross-browser checking, multi-platform testing.

By executing performance and load testing, we make sure that a ready solution will be able to overpass high loads. During Christmas Eve or Black Fridays when the number of simultaneous users is high, your solution should work without any issues and ensure a flawless shopping experience.

Security testing ensures that personal data including credit card numbers, passwords, CVN used for the application is protected from hackers and users’ accounts are secured from unauthorized access. Also, we perform the verification of password sharing to provide complex testing of the security system of m-commerce solutions.

Tools we use

In order to provide fast and effective testing, we use special tools and platforms that simplify the management and monitoring of testing activities. We use Jira, Redmine, Mantis, and others for reporting and tracking detected issues. By using TestRail, QAComplete, we manage test cases for not to miss any critical one.

Possessing a wide park of mobile devices with installed browsers and OS types and versions, we reduce the time needed for testing and are able to ensure wide test coverage.


Easy-to-use mobile shopping

In order to simplify online shopping on different mobile devices, we provide not only manual checking of the functionality of an m-commerce solution but complex testing that allows a mobile trade platform operates flawlessly and has all data secured being user-friendly and easy-to-use. Based on our experience, we know the common weak points of m-commerce solutions and are aware of the ways to detect the most tricky ones.

Besides, we provide focus testing to make sure that a solution is convenient for users, navigation, and menu are intuitively clear. Our dedicated team will run the whole flow to detect usability issues from the end user’s perspective. Having a complex and thorough checking, we ensure that a solution meets quality and industry standards and fully satisfy users’ needs that lead to business growth.