Testing of E‑commerce Solutions

We offer end-to-end testing solutions, including performance, usability, navigation, customer service, and payment system testing for your website or application.


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Why QATestLab

Increasing customer engagement by measuring UX

We expose usability defects to create a positive user experience and encourage purchases.

Making sure each added functionality works as intended

We test each step in a purchase-sales workflow for hassle-free shopping.

Achieving proper integration with third-party components

We ensure that every extension is integrated with third-party software correctly.

Identifying security and load weaknesses

During E-commerce QA and testing, we can work on discovering whether and how your network is exposed to potential attacks. We may also test how well your website performs under heavy traffic.

Checking how the product works in various environments

Using a large pool of 350+ real testing devices and our experience we provide clients with high-class e-Commerce testing services.

Starting quickly without wasting your time

Most of our projects start with just a few days’ advance notice. We work with different cooperation models suitable for projects of any scale and complexity.

What do we test

At QATestLab, we're passionate about helping our clients deliver top-notch E-commerce solutions. That's why we offer a suite of services, including testing, automation, and expert consultation.

With a lab of over 350 real devices, we ensure a thorough quality assessment. Whether you're building your online store from scratch or using an E-commerce platform, we've got you covered.

Testing Magento based websites with QATestLab icon

Testing Magento-based websites with QATestLab

We have extensive experience in:

  • performing front-end and back-end testing of online stores built on any Magento version
  • checking Magento extensions
  • evaluating API integration of third-party solutions into the E-commerce software
  • Magento stores migration, including migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • Magento Enterprise and Magento Community

You can find more information about how we test Magento online stores here.

Independent QA services for your Shopify or Shopify Plus shop icon

Independent QA services for your Shopify or Shopify Plus shop

You’ll get:

  • comprehensive testing, including front-end and back-end testing
  • a thorough check of Shopify extensions
  • evaluation of API integrations of third-party solutions
  • help with Shopify store migration

Our goal is to help you identify any issues and provide you with solutions that will optimize the performance of your Shopify store. 


Maintaining the top quality of your WooCommerce store icon

Maintaining the top quality of your WooCommerce store

QATestlab specialists are ready to:

  • run in-depth testing, including front-end and back-end testing
  • provide personalized checks tailored to the complexity and customization of your store
  • analyze third-party API integrations
  • assist with your WooCommerce website migration

We will assess the performance of your WooCommerce store and make sure it provides a smooth user experience. 

Ensuring seamless functionality and performance for your BigCommerce shop icon

Ensuring seamless functionality and performance for your BigCommerce shop

Our skillful specialists will:

  • conduct in-depth testing, covering both front-end and back-end aspects
  • examine every element of your store, including its design, responsiveness, navigation, and more
  • analyze third-party API integrations within your store
  • help with store migration, ensuring that all your data, settings, and functionalities are seamlessly transferred to the new platform

We also test on the following platforms:


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How We Conduct e-Commerce Manual Testing

Functional testing

Do all links and buttons lead where they should?

During e-Commerce website testing we check if the solution functions correctly and in accordance with the requirements.

UI/UX testing

Is it clear how to find goods or how to make a purchase?

We assess the interface elements and whether the product is user-friendly.

Performance testing

How to avoid crashes because of high loads?

We evaluate how your solution works in terms of performance (speed, resource consumption, load, etc.).

Compatibility testing

Will it perform the same on MAC and Asos?

We check if the website works properly in various environments (different devices, browsers, platforms).

Regression testing

How to make sure that all elements are stable after updating or bug fixing?

We check if the recent changes had any negative effect on your solution work.

End-to-end testing

Are there any issues?

We perform the complete evaluation of the e-Commerce product to verify its proper flow.

Integration testing

Do applications run successfully?

We check requirements for all applications in e-com software to interact with each other and also interact correctly.

Localization testing

Is it comfortable halfway across the world?

We evaluate e-Commerce products to make sure that they are suitable for the target region (translation, local time, currency, date format). Includes linguistic, technical, and visual tests.

Responsiveness testing

Does your shop look good on different devices?

We ensure that website pages look good and function well, regardless of the device version or OS used to access them.

Accessibility testing

Is your website accessible to people with disabilities?

We will ensure your website meets WCAG standards. Our specialists will check if your site is understandable and easy to interact with for people who may use assistive technologies.

Stages of testing

stage of testing
What we deliver E com

Case studies

Custom CRM system
Cloud-based optimization tools
Magento-exclusive digital commerce agency

Find more Case studies here.

Smart combination
of manual & automation testing

We are able to perform manual exploratory testing for your e-commerce product and check
where it is optimal to implement automated testing.

Our team can help you with:

The organization of automated testing from scratch in a few clicks and ensuring uninterrupted management

The streamlining existing quality control processes in a project by advice from QA Tech Lead, who will create a master test plan and build a process

Gear 4

Manual Testing

For discovering issues from the user’s perspective for non-repeatable test-cases and new functionality

Gear 5

Integrated Approach

A streamlined process, improved team communication, and real-time test results using advanced customizable reports to make smarter decisions and release better software

Gear 6

Automated Testing

For increasing the speed of testing processes, improving test coverage, and reducing costs and human factor

Automation Services We Provide

Define the cooperation model and project duration

detailed instructions for environment configuration and automatic script launch

Agree on the eliverables and the form of reporting summer

continuous, performance, API testing

gears code

test scripts in Java, JavaScript / TypeScript, C#, Python


additional tools and solutions (IDE, reporting frameworks, build management tools)