What We Do

More and more people are buying online with high expectations of quality, safety, and ease of use. To make your e-commerce application competitive, it is worth paying attention to testing and QA services to ensure that you deliver a consistent, high-quality opportunity for your customers.

For over 15 years, the QATestLab team has been ensuring the highest quality for e-commerce projects of varying size and resources. We carry out independent and unbiased quality evaluation that optimizes the project budget and helps to improve product quality.

What We Test

We are experienced in e-commerce solutions, Magento-based products, web, desktop, and hybrid applications. More precisely, we can handle the detection of possible risks for:

  • Online stores
  • Magento based solutions
  • m-commerce solutions
  • Sales applications
  • Banking & finance products
  • Cryptocurrency and trading platforms
  • Healthcare applications
  • API
  • Shopify-based solutions
  • Marketing Tools
  • Booking applications
  • WordPress-based solutions

We have experience in testing products based on:


How We Test

QATestLab performs a wide range of services to assist in providing the best quality e-commerce solutions to end-users. Our QA team verifies a full user interaction cycle with the application including the availability of the solution under heavy loads, data accuracy in special offers and promotions, checkout process, usability and navigation, data and system security, customer services, and payment options.

We conduct functional testing aimed to verify the compliance of developed functions with requirements and specifications, other project documents, and users' requirements. To ensure that a web application operates accurately across multiple browsers, we conduct cross-browser testing.

We perform regression testing to ensure no new problems have been introduced during bug fixing. To check a website works under peak load conditions, we conduct load testing, the main aim of which is to ensure the system is able to withstand heavy potential loads and keeps working without serious defects or crashes.

Why QATestLab?

To ensure thorough testing, we perform only quality assessments on real devices. Our pool of devices includes more than 250 smartphones and tablets with different OS types and versions.

We can perform manual testing and test automation of e-commerce products according to project specifics and customer requirements. To ensure the protection of customers' proprietary data, we will sign an NDA.

We are a customer-focused company. We strive to create a supportive environment to grow and excel with your ideas.

Learn more about how we work on examples of accomplished projects.

Try Pilot Testing to Check our Skills

For customers to verify our competence and experience, we are ready to conduct trial testing. A pilot project helps to check whether the collaboration will be flawless and productive in the case of multiple time zones and cultural differences.

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