What we do

Providing the services of testing e-commerce solutions, we ensure an independent and unbiased quality evaluation that optimizes the project budget and
helps to enhance the quality of the products.

What we test

We are ready to conduct quality assessment of m-commerce solutions, Magento-based products, web, desktop and hybrid applications.
We have experience in testing products based on:


Our dedicated QA team verifies a full user interaction cycle with the application including availability of the solution under heavy loads, data accuracy in spe-
cial offers and promotions, checkout process, usability and navigation, data and system security, customer services, and payment options.

How we test

We have a dedicated team of QA specialists working only with e-com-
merce solutions. To ensure a thorough testing, we perform quality assess-
ment only on real devices. Our park of devices includes more than 200
smartphones and tables with different OS types and versions.

According to the project specifics and customers' requirements, we are
able to perform manual testing and test automation of e-commerce prod-
ucts. To ensure the protection of customers' proprietary data, we sign the

Learn more about how we work on examples of accomplished projects.

Select trial testing to be sure in QATestLab

For customers to verify our competence and experience, we are ready to conduct trial testing. A pilot project helds to check whether the collaboration will be
flawless and productive in case of multiple time zones and cultural differences.

QA Engineer on Demand