Web Application Testing

Web Application Testing

What we do

QATestLab provides the services of complex web application testing to evaluate the system quality and, thus, assist in meeting end users’ needs and expectations. In order to conduct an effective quality assessment, we take into account the specific features of web software products as well as the peculiarities of target market. We provide the testing services, we do not develop web applications.

We test different types of web applications that possess their own specific features including purpose, system structure, functionality, flexibility, security. We detect issues but we are not engaged in their fixing. We evaluate the quality of static and dynamic web applications, e-commerce web products, portals, animated web products and web applications with content management systems (CMS). 

How we test

We perform a set of software testing types to ensure a high quality of web applications. The type of assessment depends on customer’s requirements. We select and develop a certain test strategy and methods suitable for checking a particular project.

Web Application Testing scheme

In order to ensure thorough testing of web applications, we take into account the following peculiarities:

  • Large and diverse end users types
  • Browsers / client agents with different functional capacities
  • Various client devices
  • High expectations to the speed of application response
  • Strict requirements to product look and feel
  • Localization for every market
  • Strong security
  • Well-established scalability

m In order to ensure complex testing of software functionality, we check and assess the whole system functionality and business logic. Based on specification, we evaluate the work of all forms - whether they are operating as expected. Also, we test the system behavior in case of valid and invalid inputs. In order to avoid users’ disappointments, we perform cookies testing.

m By checking end-to-end business workflow, we make sure that the product satisfies all specified business requirements. Besides, we verify the system behavior in case of unexpected user actions by executing negative test scenarios. We verify all error messages including their content, structure and clearness for users.

m We perform usability testing by checking system navigation, application content including buttons, images, menus, input fields. In order to get market success, a web application should obligatory be user-friendly, coherent and easy to use.

m In order to avoid performance issues, we conduct load testing by checking system behavior under normal and high loads during a certain period of time. We make sure that websites overpass the optimization techniques that will reduce the time needed for loading.

m Possessing a large park of different devices ready for testing, we provide fast compatibility checking with a wide test coverage. We make sure that web application is available for users of various browsers, OS types and versions, system capacities and screen characteristics.

m We conduct crowd testing to ensure objective quality assessment. Besides, it helps to detect tricky issues unnoticed earlier.