Voice Technologies

Voice technologies are helpful tools for both business and everyday users and are very widespread nowadays. Using our experience and testing tools and environments, QATestLab performs testing of voice-based technologies, including applications for voice transfer to ensure their productivity and effectiveness for end users.

By conducting the verification of voice technologies, we make sure that they operate without critical issues and according to requirements. In case of malfunction, the data necessary for the user may be damaged or simply unsaved. We evaluate the solution’s capacity to add reminders, to-do lists, record calls, perform searches via voice, etc., on the fly without any defects.

What We Test

  • Platforms for secure voice calls along with encrypted text communications
  • Applications for private chat/calls and posting photos between a small group of people (up to 15 persons)
  • iOS application for logging, and recording calls within a company

Using voice technologies for call recording, all data is sent to the database after a call is completed. The procedure should be well-established and smooth to get statistics and analyze the received data. In order to meet objectives, we detect critical issues by design and execute test cases.

How We Test

Depending on the stage of software development, we select suitable testing methods and prepare a test strategy to conduct software testing. In order to ensure cross-platform compatibility, we perform testing on iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows devices. Moreover, we have a number of OS types and versions already installed and available for testing.

voice technologies

Tools We Use


By using special tools and software, we reduce efforts required for testing and save time

  • Issue tracking tools: Jira, Mantis, MantisHub, Redmine, Asana, Trello, Pivotal
  • Application management platforms: Crashlytics, HockeyApp, TestFlight, TestFairy
  • Test case management tools: TestRail, QAComplete, Zephyr
  • Bug capturing tools: Camtasia Studio, Vysor, Snagit, Scrcpy, Fraps, Reflector
  • Battery monitoring tools: BetterBatteryStats, Battery Monitor, GameBench
  • Software and services: MSI Afterburner, Oracle VirtualBox, VMWare, iTunes, iTools, Android SDK, Eclipse Memory Analyzer, Xenu, Fiddler, FPS Meter, ADB Logcat, OpenVPN, GitHub, Proto.io, x-Code

Stable and Reliable Voice Transfer

In order to ensure the transparency of testing activities throughout the testing process, we provide our customers with full documentation for the project, e.g., test plan and strategy, test cases, daily/weekly reports, test summary, etc.

Voice technologies reduce the cost of international calls and make them more convenient. By performing security testing, we help to make sure that all data is protected and that the conversation remains private.

By detecting bugs in critical functionality, we contribute to a successful release and the popularity of the product among end users. Our QA services ensure software reliability, scalability and maintainability.