By Focus Area

Dynamic development and fast-changing trends in various markets lead to the appearance of more complex solutions of different types. Our dedicated QA teams perform quality verification to ensure a successful market release of high-quality software

Web Application Testing

To evaluate the quality of static and dynamic web applications, we test their specific features including purpose, system structure, functionality, flexibility, security.

Mobile Application Testing

We check mobile system functionality, usability, performance, security, GUI, compatibility, and integrability to ensure high performance and high security of mobile software and, thus, to enable customers to increase income and enter new markets.

Games Testing

We test PC games, stand-alone platforms, mobile games in most game genres (adventure, puzzle, action, education, sports, real-time strategy, simulations and more) to ensure a game product of high quality with positive user experience.

Internet of Things Testing

We conduct complete testing of IoT solutions to verify product usability, security, performance, connectivity, and compatibility to assist in releasing smart software of high quality to the market.

Cloud Solutions Testing

We test different kinds of cloud solutions to ensure its proper operation and increase system flexibility and scalability.

Desktop Applications Testing

We verify different aspects of the desktop solutions to improve its quality by detecting weak points connected with its functionality, usability, security, maintainability, acceptability and compatibility.