Test Automation Trends in 2021

Quality at speed remains the focus of QA transformation, and that’s why we see the growth of test automation.
Our purpose in this research is not only to list the trends. We aim to provide you with expert recommendations on how your teams can improve quality by moving automation into mainstream QA.

Mobile App Testing: The Ultimate Guide 2021

This whitepaper provides a comprehensive guide on mobile application testing, along with extensive information on all its sides and aspects. We hope that it will communicate and clarify everything you wanted to know about mobile app testing, from the general information to non-standard cases and specific challenges.

Top 25 Tools for Test Automation in 2020. Research Paper

The secret behind excellent test automation is nothing but possessing the right tool. But the problem is, projects for testing can be different, so do the testing tools. Most instruments have a unique set of features, weak and strong sides. It is quite challenging to decide even for experienced specialists what will work best.

Video Game Testing Guide

Video Game Testing 101 is another practical guide from the QATestLab team of seasoned QA gurus, focused on how to carry out an effective, value-for-money game testing program. The guide includes 6 highly informative mini-chapters that turn the spotlight on the role of testing in the game development lifecycle, necessary documentation, testing techniques, and common bugs.