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QATestLab team provides you with the professional QA services to ensure the correct functionality of the Salesforce ecosystem and your product suite.
We hedged organizations in delivering personalized and seamless customer experiences across different channels and devices without bugs and faults.
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What we do

QATestLab team has been providing testing and quality assurance services for numerous solutions based on Salesforce software that vary in size and resources for more than 5 years.

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Customer Success Stories

Here are some vivid examples of projects that we are proud to work with:

Sales Engagement Tool

The tool that was designed to increase user adoption and ROI of enterprise applications by seamlessly integrating them into the way business people work every day.


  • complex functionality of the add-on
  • add-on developed for integration with both OWA (Outlook Web Application) and Gmail
  • coverage of a large amount of work in a short time


  • writing test cases for add-in functionality designed for Gmail
  • conducting regression testing and verification of new functionality of add-on integration of Salesforce and C4C for Gmail and OWA
  • reported the detected issues in Jira.

Sales & Marketing Intelligence Platform

The sales & marketing system that helps to gather, retain, and process contacts for online-based businesses.


  • correct integration, the export of contact data to SalesForce account
  • reporting events in heap analytics for subsequent analysis of statistics
  • conducting A / B testing


  • unlocking contact data, multi-unlocking (for which the user directly pays)
  • to export contact data to SalesForce account
  • regression testing of related functionality
  • complete Regression Testing with Sanity Tests

Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning Platform

The ultimate finance ERP application that tracks data through the entire business lifecycle: from marketing to producing financial statements.


  • testing product for readiness for release
  • testing changes and new functionality added to the system
  • full system testing to verify compliance with customer requirements


  • functional testing of the implemented features
  • the test coverage creation testing for the application
  • finding defects in the product and checking for their correction
  • taking into account the tight deadlines, we managed to run all the tickets and test cases and contributed to releasing on-time without any flaws
  • we helped developers in writing documentation, pointed to narrow points based on early experience in developing similar functionality.

Migration Project Management Tool

The IT transformation project management software that drives all aspects of the migration from data warehousing and asset readiness tracking to end-user communications, self-service, and deployment.


  • to check the correctness of adding new functionality because of regular updating
  • preparation for release after adding new features and fixing bugs
  • coverage of new functionality with tests, as well as checking the coverage of previously found bugs


  • we continually help optimize processes and output detailed documentation based on experience on similar projects
  • we offer improvements in the procedures for conducting and planning the testing
  • cycle so all bugs successfully passed the QA process and were closed
  • we build productive relationships in the team, thanks to flexible thinking, we perfectly adapted to the requirements and worked out work plans aimed at a good result.