In order to provide effective and detailed software testing, QATestLab uses a wide range of different tools and technologies that enhance QA team productivity, simplify management of activities and help to detect system issues. Based on product features specifics, customer requirements and project goals, we select proper tools to optimize processes and ensure a smooth workflow.

Test management tools

Bug Trackers

Jira, Bugzilla, Mantis, Trac, Redmine, PR-Tracker, Gemini, JTrac, Eventum, more ...

Project Management Tools

Testlink, Confluence, Microsoft Project, HP / Mercury Quality, Center (Test Director), more...

Testing types tools

Test automation tools and frameworks
Database testing tools
API testing tools
Compatibility testing tools
Communications testing tools
Design testing tools
Link and HTML testing tools
Mobile Testing Tools
Security Testing Tools
Utility Tools
Useful Tools for Testing
Virtualization Tools
Performance testing tools

Operation systems

By possessing a large infrastructure of various OS types and versions, we provide a wide test coverage that ensures effective testing. We select and prioritize OSs verification according to specifics of the target market and location of end-users of the software under test.
Operation systems

Linux Family, Mac Family, Windows Family, BSD Family OS, Palm OS, Multi-platform, more ...

Mobile OS

iOS Family, Android, Windows Mobile