The Story of QATestLab Training Center

Since 2010, QATestLab has been sharing own findings and knowledge by conducting free online training courses called to help individuals make first steps in their IT career. QATestLab experts created Training Center based on their large experience, motivation to ‘bring up’ IT beginners and desire to show the essence of IT world in general. The Center holds training courses in four programs: basic knowledge of QA and software testing, test automation of web applications, game testing and sales of IT services. Everyone is able to select one or several courses.

23,544 students
1,109 certificats
378 webinars
4 training programs
3 years of training

Learning Process

Only 4 steps are enough to start exploring the IT world and select the most suitable area. The received background ensures further development and improvement of skills.


Registration and entrance test

As the number of people who wish to undertake training is very high, passing of entrance test is obligatory. Everyone is able to get acquainted with the list of questions to get ready for examination.



To pass the final exam, students should listen to all lectures and do home assignments on time. During the whole course, lecturers are ready for answering the questions concerning lectures or organizational procedure.


Final exam

After taking the course, final exam verifies theoretical and practical skills of every applicant. The exam includes two parts - tests and the opening of 20 bugs during application testing.



The applicants who successfully passed final examination get the certificate. QATestLab will invite the most prospective students to meet the interview and get job.

Blitz Exam for Impatient

For people who are sure in their abilities and skills and want to check their knowledge of QA and testing, QATestLab Training Center provides Bitz Exam. Besides, if you do not have an opportunity to wait for the start of selected course or the date is not convenient for you, Blitz Exam is the best solution. The registration for the Exam is available on the Center website. You will get credentials to enter the system for passing Blitz Exam online. The Exam consists of two parts - test set and practical task. The assignment will be to conduct testing of website or application, detect 20 issues and open properly 20 bugs. Successful passing of Blitz Exam brings certification.