Training Center

How It All Began

The QATestLab Training Center was created in 2010 to help as many tech enthusiasts as possible to become professional QA engineers, get their first tech jobs in IT, and become leaders in the tech industry. 

We proudly contribute to nurturing a new generation of IT professionals and creating a tech community that is truly representative of people from all backgrounds. 

The Center currently offers training courses to help you master the following specializations: general QA and software testing, test automation of web applications, game testing, and IT sales.

60,639 students
9,403 certificates
1,157 webinars
4 training programs
9 years of training

Achieve Your Goals With QATestLab

If you are looking for a professional learning program then you are in the right place. The QATestLab Training Center allows you to gain job-relevant skills and get ready for a career in the high-demand IT field. 



Registration and Admissions Test

Our courses require applicants to take an admissions test, and we use this test to help us choose between all the candidates who apply to the QATestLab Training Center. The list of questions is available prior to the test to help you prepare.




Attending online lectures and completing home assignments on time is crucial for effective learning and will demonstrate to instructors that you are dedicated to the course.


Final Exam

The final exam is designed to test the breadth and depth of a student’s theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the chosen field. It consists of two distinct parts; the theory exam and the practical part that involves detecting and documenting defects in real-world applications.


Completion Certificate

The Completion Certificate issued by the QATestLab Training Center states that the student has completed the chosen course. The best students get invited to a job interview with a QATestLab representative.

Blitz QA Skills Assessment

Confident about your QA expertise? Test your knowledge and abilities in software testing and QA with the Blitz QA Skills Assessment held by the QATestLab Training Center.

To sit for the exam, you need to complete the registration form on the Training Center website. It consists of the theory test and the practical part that involves detecting and documenting twenty bugs in a real-world application.

Students who passed the exam successfully earn a certificate.