Dave Catlin, CEO, Valiant Technology, UK


"Valiant Technology is a world leader in development of educational robotics and other technological based education solutions. We have won awards for our innovative products that include the Queen's Award for Innovation, the BETT Award for Primary Products (the leading industry award) and the rarer US Congressional Award.

We started our collaboration with "NET Technology Center WEB100" in 2005, since we needed to develop the mobile solution for our product RoamerWorld. WEB100 provided us with a high-quality solution in time and on budget. We have continued working with WEB100 through the intervening period on realization of several smaller educational projects and intend to commission a major development in 2009.

Our initial work with “QATestLab” started in 2007. We had been working with a number of Indian Software and QA companies on our MathAmigo product. As you know it is difficult picking up other people’s work.

QATestLab rapidly understood the specifications and essentially rescued the project. They are currently testing our latest Roamer products and will be heavily involved in the testing of latest version of RoamerWorld. During our collaboration company QATestLab has proven to be the reliable partner that always follows all our corporate requirements and standards."