Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Why Quality Assurance?

In order to enter the market with software product of a proper quality level, every development process overpasses a set of quality assurance activities called to make sure that the team has defined appropriately all processes and everything is ready to reach certain objectives. QATestLab performs the services of Software quality assurance (QA) for our customers to provide end-users with the product that meets quality standards and fulfill goals.

By constantly monitoring and periodically checking different software solution aspects, we detect and prevent quality assurance issues that affect a solution and fail to comply with the requirements and standards. Based on particular attributes, we evaluate both internal, quality of written code, and external, system operation in real life, software quality.

Our approaches

We apply two approaches to determine and assess software quality. Following defect management approach, we detect any deviations from customer’s requirements caused by incorrect data handling, code mistakes, poor performance. Based on the requirements and project schedule, we define the severity and priority of issues.

According to quality attribute approach, we focus quality evaluation activities on six main characteristics - functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability, portability

What we check

In order to verify the system functionality, we check system interaction with other components, a protection level of all transactions, the implementation and operation of all product features, the fulfillment of necessary laws, and specifications.

Checking system capacity to get back to correct work after the failure of a break, we define software recoverability that is important for end-users. We help to make products reliable and ready to conduct particular tasks under certain conditions and during some time.

More than testing


By performing QA services, we help companies and organizations to be able to develop a business based on a strong reputation and reliable software. Having the process quality verified, customers earn and enhance end-users’ confidence and trust.