Travel and Accommodation

What we do

We provide the services of travel and accommodation solutions testing to assist in ensuring a convenient way for planning, managing,
and booking transport, travel, and accommodation spending minimal time and effort. We help to provide the end users with a stable,
compatible, and secure solution with proper functionality.

What we test

We have experience in testing such solutions as:

  • travel management systems
  • informational portals
  • hotel accounting systems
  • property management software
  • cloud-based hotel management systems
  • online booking systems
  • ticket booking software

We conduct quality verification of travel and accommodation
solutions testing to ensure a smooth workflow between online B2B
/ B2C portal, website / application, suppliers, and end users who
will have their needs satisfied.


How we test

Acceptance Testing

Our procedure of training and education solutions testing includes
the following steps:

  • Test initiation
  • Test design
  • Test execution
  • Defect management
  • Test closure

Performing functionality testing, we verify the forms in all page
including checking of both valid and invalid inputs. We test whether
all links are proper and clickable. Also, we perform content testing
to prevent logical and spelling mistakes and make sure that all
used colours, fonts, and frames are unique.

Learn more about how we work on examples of accomplished projects.

Ensure stability and compatibility of your solution

To ensure compatibility of solutions, we are able to conduct testing on a wide range of mobile devices, OS types, and platforms. We per-
form quality verification only on real devices, and we have more than 200 of them.

We have a team of test automation engineers that design own scripts to verify system load capacities. Having tools and frameworks for
performance and load testing, we ensure a fast and thorough quality verification.