Security matters. Especially now, at the time when the financial sector is witnessing the full impact of digital transformation. To build trust in financial and banking apps, it is mandatory to offer flawlessness of customer experience, improved UI & UX for online payments, and, most importantly, ensure full security and data protection.

Having complete knowledge of QA techniques, QATestLab offers you experience and understanding of the finance applications domain as well. We deliver services on the highest level and check your fintech application applying all the latest testing scenarios (functional, user acceptance, product, performance, and security types of testing).

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What We Test

Our team of QA experts is ensuring quality for digital fintech and banking projects that vary in size and resources. More specifically, we are experienced in testing cloud, blockchain, and AI technologies applied, and can handle mitigating risks for:

  • E-banking solutions

  • Portals for trading and supply

  • Chain finance applications

  • CRM systems

  • Self-service terminals

  • Payment systems

  • Robo advisers / Financial applications

  • Planners solutions

  • Accounting systems

  • & more

How We Test

Since blockchain refers to the systems used to complete financial transactions in 90% of its cases, our QA specialists treat it as a payment system. We conduct validation of parameters, check whether transactions pass successfully, and ensure the correctness of other requirements.

We focus on three critical checks: event sources (transactions), block sources (transaction committers), blocks recipients (readers), and committed transactions. To ensure quality for each of these aspects, there should be a right mix of several testing types:

  • Security Testing: we suggest imitating the thinking of an intruder and place QA engineers in the shoes of potential cybercriminals; for this, we conduct deliberate attacks on system;
  • Performance (Load) Testing: we check how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload;
  • User-interface testing: we validate UI aspects like color, logo, resolution, labels, etc; validation of navigability aspects;
  • Unit Testing Of Smart contracts: we run Unit Testing of smart contracts (including token contracts) through other contracts (using tools like Truffle/ Embark / Dapple / Populus);
  • Integration testing: we expose faults in the interaction between integrated units;
  • API testing: we run Dapp API calls for internal smart contract methods, and Dapp API calls for interfacing application integration.

Apart from the techniques mentioned above, other types of testing can be applied.

We believe an extensive testing infrastructure is a solid foundation for useful QA. Our mobile device pool amounts to 250+ smartphones and tablets, including VR devices with different screen resolutions, processor architecture, GPU, and RAM.

40+ testing tools and frameworks, as well as virtualization solutions, help us to provide you with immediate test results and cost-effective QA. To preserve testing environments protected and keep corporate data secured, we assume security measures.

Why QATestLab?

We are a customer-focused company. Having 15+ years of experience, we found out several key points that help our customers to succeed. For this reason, we are offering the following advantages:

  • quick start of collaboration: we can scale the team within 1-3 days depending on the deadlines;

  • testing of any size and complexity: all collaboration models can be modified and tailored to your needs;

  • on-demand testers: you can order QA services when you need them, and make a pause when required.

We strive to create a supportive environment to grow and excel with your ideas. Let’s make great products together!