QA Services for FinTech Solutions

Test your FinTech app for accurate, safe, seamless work that brings satisfied users

Manual and automated testing and management by QA specialists experienced in FinTech solutions. We can join your project when you need it and for the duration you choose, full-time or part-time.

FinTech Solutions

years in software testing


QA engineers
(Junior, Middle, Senior)


real testing devices


of projects start within 1 day*

 *after signing the documents

Why QATestLab

QA engineers experienced in FinTech

We have much experience in testing various FinTech solutions and are skilled in working with SQL, API, databases, client-server architecture, complex systems and integrations.

Assistance to an in-house team anytime

Our specialists can help internal teams deal with tight deadlines or high workload before the release and quickly provide extra QA expertise. We take tasks starting from 40 hours.

Writing test documentation

Our team can write test documentation for your project, including checklists, test cases, a test plan, a test design, and test strategy to ensure efficient testing and keep knowledge about the product. We also always send timely clear bug reports.

Keeping your company data protected

We sign an NDA and employee confidentiality agreement, adhere to strict data classification procedures, set up a separate VLAN/VPN access, and follow best security practices.

Expert test automation service

Automated testing helps to cover all complex functionality of FinTech solutions and keep up with frequent updates, ensuring QA speed, accuracy, and reliability & the product’s quality.

Management of QA activities

We can take on the organization and management of testing activities to free up your time, as well as help you to set up and optimize the QA process to achieve the best possible results.

What we test

E banking solutions

E-banking solutions

Self service terminals

Self-service terminals

Accounting systems

Accounting systems

Portals for trading and supply chain finance

Portals for trading and supply chain finance

Payment systems

Payment systems

Blockchain platforms

Blockchain platforms

Complex CRM fintech

CRM systems

Financial planners

Robo-advisors / Financial planners

Reverse factoring platforms

Reverse factoring platforms

How we test business solutions

Functional testing

We test if all the complex functionality of a fintech app, including transactions, financial operations, and financial tools, is working as it is supposed to based on the specifications.

Compatibility testing

We check an app on different real devices, browsers, and OSs likely to
be used by the target audience to verify if the solution works correctly
on all of them.

UI & UX testing

We check if the app’s user interface is displaying and working correctly and if it is convenient, clear, and user-friendly.

Regression testing

We test an application after bug fixes and other changes to reveal any negative effects they might have on the existing functionality.

Integration testing

We evaluate how well all the parts of an app are working together and how an app integrates with third-party solutions through APIs.

Performance testing*

We check how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload.

Automated testing

We provide a test automation service to increase accuracy and
reliability of testing, minimize a human factor, and check the app’s
quality more thoroughly in a shorter amount of time compared to only
manual testing.

Security testing*

We verify whether sensitive data is safe in an app, test extra services
for account protection, and follow the OWASP methodology in security

*provided only in combination with manual / automation QA services, not as a stand-alone service

Stages of testing

stage of testing
what we deliver fintech

Case studies

Cryptocurrency management system
Account management platform
Mobile banking application

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