GUI Testing

As the first interaction between a user and software takes place through a Graphical User Interface (GUI), it should be distinctive, recognizable, and high-quality. Before investigating system features and capacities, users, first of all, pay attention to the interface and design and thus form their attitude to the whole product. To prevent any user issues and negative experiences, QATestLab provides GUI and usability testing to customers to increase their target audience and boost income.

GUI testing aims to check whether interface functionality meets the specifications and satisfies the customer’s requirements. It is highly important to implement GUI testing during the first stage of the software development cycle as it improves quality and reduces risks nearer the end of the cycle. Much of user interface design requires a human touch. Providing only objective evaluation based on our experience and current situation on the market, we are sure that GUI testing is critical for the functional testing process.

How We Test

When performing GUI testing, we follow a manual-based approach as this type of testing takes place at the presentation layer. Graphical elements of products/solutions are checked manually by testers to ensure conformance with specified requirements.

To ensure a positive user experience, we conduct complex testing that includes the validation of:

  • navigation elements - menus, toolbars, etc.
  • displaying of GUI elements for various screen resolutions
  • error messages and different notifications
  • text formatting and arrangement
  • image quality and alignment, etc.

GUI testing does not include only verification of colors and text, it is a more complex procedure. When designing and executing tests, we follow this checklist:

gui testing

There is no second chance to make the first impression

Gui Testing 400600 

Omitting GUI checking may reduce a company’s income due to a negative user experience. Improperly performed GUI testing also may result in losing the company’s reputation by reducing the number of end users. The interface of each program/application should correspond to its purpose and industry standards it is developed for.

Before conducting GUI testing, we thoroughly analyze a solution’s objectives, target market, release country, platforms, and the OS it is designed for, and other aspects. By conducting GUI tests manually and developing our own scripts, we make an objective evaluation of the solution from the end user’s point of view.