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What Is Maintainability Testing?

Checking of how easily it is to maintain a system is the main aim of this testing type. The system or application support involves analysis, modification, and testing the product.

Pluses and Minuses of Independent Testing

Nowadays, independent testing becomes more and more popular. And it is really true, performing testing of mobile apps and systems, the specialists that are not connected with the project team can significantly increase the development efficiency.

What Is Endurance Testing?

Endurance testing (checking of activity flow) is one of performance testing types. This is the checking of the load level that the product is able to withstand within a particular time.

Peculiarities of RAD Model Development

The RAD (Rapid Application Development) development model is one of the types of incremental model. The principle of parallel creation of the system components and functions underlies this model.

What Is CMM Model?

To define and estimate the maturity level of the company as for the development process, the special model of “technical maturity” - Capability Maturity Model - is used.

Regression vs Retesting

Generally, regression testing is performed in order to assure that current functionality operates appropriately, and all code modifications did not break the work of other systems.