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Peculiarities of RAD Model Development

The RAD (Rapid Application Development) development model is one of the types of incremental model. The principle of parallel creation of the system components and functions underlies this model.

What Is CMM Model?

To define and estimate the maturity level of the company as for the development process, the special model of “technical maturity” - Capability Maturity Model - is used.

Regression vs Retesting

Generally, regression testing is performed in order to assure that current functionality operates appropriately, and all code modifications did not break the work of other systems.

V-Model Development Characteristics

In order to realize all pluses of the development process via V-model, one should consider the peculiarities of this model applying. So, it is better to use it for small and medium projects.

What Is Retesting?

Software testing specialists not only perform a certain checking type but also monitor that all detected errors to be fully debugged. Retesting follows this goal.

SQLite Peculiarities

Performing functional testing or performance testing of web products, the specialists often faces different types of databases which ensure correct work of the whole system.

What Is SQLite?

Performing testing of web application and programs(banking system testing, e-commerce checking, online store testing), the specialists check the database correct operation.