Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing

What we do

Mobile devices with different applications and programs are universal tools that simplify both business affairs and every-day tasks. QATestLab performs mobile application testing to ensure proper work, high performance and strong security of mobile software and, thus, to enable customers to boost profit and win new markets.

What we test

  • Native mobile applications developed for mobile devices and tablets
  • Mobile web applications using connection to mobile network or Wi-Fi for proper operation
  • Hybrid applications combining the feature of both native and web ones

Mobile testing is rather a complicated and challenging process that requires a number of testing means to get complex and effective testing. By possessing the majority of mobile devices with different mobile OS, we reduce the expenses needed for quality assessment and accelerate the market release.

How we test

For our customers to receive mobile applications of a high quality and proper functionality, we execute hardware testing as well as software testing. We verify system behavior on the devices with various capacities including characteristics of processors, screen resolution and size, camera, storage space and memory.

During mobile application testing we check system functionality, usability, performance, security, GUI, compatibility and integrability. By preparing test cases, we are trying to detect all severe issues that may cause negative user experience and reduce company’s profit.

In order to provide a wide test coverage and check untypical cases, we also verify the battery usage during mobile application run, operation speed on devices with different capacities, prerequisites for software downloading and installation, e.g., memory requirements.

Mobile Application 2

Learn more about how we work on examples of accomplished projects.

Testing on real devices

Mobile App

For our customers to avoid money losses, legal issues and damaged reputation, we conduct mobile application testing on real devices. We use emulators only at the initial stage of development procedure to ensure fast system verification. Besides, we never test business-critical applications on emulators as serious issues can be missed.

Real device testing is more expensive but we already possess a wide park of devices. So, our customers will not have extra payments and all checking activities will be within the budget. In order to provide reliable and complex testing, we combine real device testing and checking on emulators.