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When You Need Mobile Testing Services

Bugs and defects in production

Without a formal QA process, developers may miss identifying critical bugs and defects in the application, leading to a poor user experience and negative reviews

Compatibility issues

Without comprehensive testing on various devices and OS versions, the app might face compatibility issues, limiting its reach to a broader audience

Negative reviews and ratings

Users leave bad feedback and low ratings for the app, impacting its reputation and visibility on AppStore and PlayMarket

Time and cost overruns

Fixing bugs and issues after app development can be more time-consuming and expensive than addressing them during the development phase through systematic QA testing

Poor performance

A lack of performance testing might lead to slow app response times, frequent crashes, and high resource consumption, causing user frustration and uninstallation

Competitive disadvantage

In a highly competitive app market, an app without a robust quality assurance process may struggle to stand out and compete with higher-quality alternatives

Why QATestLab as a Mobile App Testing Company?


You can benefit from our 18+ years in the QA field and hundreds of successful projects within the dynamic mobile development industry.

Quick start

Effortlessly launch your product within your desired timeframe with our fast start service. 30% of projects begin within one day after signing the documents.


Discover the time and quote for testing before launching the collaboration. You can also adjust the scope of work and choose the preferable cooperation model.

Extensive infrastructure

Rely on our expansive arsenal of 350+ real testing devices and proficiency in employing 40+ testing tools. Rest assured, your mobile app will undergo comprehensive and meticulous testing.

On-demand services

The requested number of our 250+ QA engineers are ready to join your project at any phase of the software development life cycle, testing only what you need and when you need it.


Adapt the number of testers dedicated to your project in alignment with your objectives. We can strengthen your team before the releases or updates, enhancing your project's quality and impact.

mobile app testing

All you need to know about mobile app testing in one guide: checklists, specifics, mobile test automation, and more.

Download and check if your mobile app is ready to hit the market.

Mobile Industries We Work With

Haven’t found your field in the list? Drop us a line for customized mobile testing services.

Mobile Tests We Provide

To ensure the flawless work of your mobile app, we perform:

Smart combination
of mobile Manual & Automation Testing

Your testing can level up with the implementation of the best test automation practices

Gear 1

Manual Testing

For discovering issues from the users
perspective for non-repeatable test-cases and
new functionality

Gear 2

Integrated Approach

A streamlined process, improved team
communication, and real-time test results using
advanced customizable reports to make
smarter decisions and release better software

Gear 3

Automated Testing

For increasing the speed of testing processes,
improving test coverage, and reducing costs
and human factor

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Mobile Application Testing Case Studies

Take a look at our case studies to learn more about our expertise and experience in mobile app testing.

case trucking time services

QA for Trucking Tire Services iOS App

In order to ensure a flawless user experience, proper functionality, and smooth integration, the company reached out to QATestLab for comprehensive independent testing.

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case functionality and performance

Functionality and performance testing for music platform

Developers reached out to QATestLab to check the software for functionality and performance and receive independent feedback on improving product quality.

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case ux testing

UX testing for cloud-based art platform

The company user experience and proper functionality. QATestLab specialists carried out usability and functional testing to verify the correct work of the platform.

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What do I need to start mobile testing?
What is the difference between testing on emulators and simulators and on real devices?
What testing devices do you have?
What is the process of forming a team of testers for a project?
When should I start testing?
How long does it take to prepare for the start of testing (signing documents)?
How long does it take to onboard a team for a project?
What will I get as a result of independent testing?
What are the advantages of combining manual and automated testing?
Can I reproduce auto-tests myself?
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