Mobile Application Testing

With 15+ years of experience in software testing, QATestLab offers quick, scalable, on-demand testing of mobile applications for software development and product companies, product owners, and distributors to verify the quality of solutions and, thus, ensure users’ satisfaction.
QA Automation Services We Provide

Benefits of testing mobile apps with us:

  • Experience:

    3000+ projects; we are skilled in testing native (iOS, Android, Windows), web, and hybrid mobile apps for various industries (e-commerce, game, fintech, healthcare, etc.)

  • Quick start:

    We are ready to start a project with just a few days’ advance notice; 30% of our projects start within 1 day

  • Flexibility:

    We work with projects of any size and complexity. You can choose the cooperation model that best suits your needs and change it if necessary

  • Transparency:

    Before the project begins, we can provide you with estimates of time and money to be spent on testing. You can also choose and interview QA engineers for your project

  • On-demand services:

    We test only what you need and when you need it. Our QA engineers are ready to join at any stage of the software development life cycle

  • Extensive infrastructure:

    350+ real devices, 40+ testing tools

Learn more about how we work in examples of completed projects.

Our mobile app testing services include but are not limited to:

  • Compatibility testing to check if the app properly works in all environments
  • UI and UX testing to verify the app’s user-friendliness
  • Functional testing to see if the app works according to the requirements
  • Performance testing to check the app’s stability, speed, and scalability
  • Automated testing to optimize the testing process
  • Security testing to verify that the app is safe and protected against breaches
  • Regression testing to check if the app still works properly after changes

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