Testing Services for
iGaming Software

Make high quality products a part of your business reputation

We provide first-rate manual and automated testing services for iGaming on a wide range of devices.

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years in software testing


QA engineers (Junior, Middle, Senior)


real testing devices

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day may be needed to start a project *

*after signing the documents

Why QATestLab


Our team tests games for more than 10+ years and has 500+ successfully accomplished projects in this industry.

Easy start

We start working on testing projects within 1-3 days. 30% of game projects begin within 24 hours after signing the contract.

Infrastructure without borders

We have a pool of devices popular with your audience, including PCs, mobile devices, and VR devices, and experience in working with 40+ testing tools.

Data protection

With respect to every client, we protect their commercial interests by signing a Non-Disclosure-Agreement. To ensure data security, we integrate into customer’s infrastructure using VPN connections.

On-demand services

Our QA engineers are ready to join your project at any phase of the software development life cycle for the needed time, covering the most priority tasks.

Quality Assurance Management

We can take over the organization and management of testing activities to free up your time and help you set up and optimize your quality assurance process to achieve the best possible results.

What we test

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Real money casino

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Social casino

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Card games

Manual and automated testing services for iGaming



Processing time

Faster for quick tasks

Faster in the long run


Performance tests

Visual aspects

Human observation

Allows human observation, which may be useful to offer user-friendly system

No human consideration. It can not give assurance of user-friendliness and positive customer experience

Parallel execution

Can be executed in parallel but would need to increase the human resource

Can be executed on different operating platforms in parallel and reduce test execution time

Economic benefit

Cheaper for quick tasks

Cheaper in the long run

When to use

Exploratory Testing, Usability Testing, and Ad-hoc Testing to exhibit the best results

Regression Testing, Performance Testing, Load Testing or highly repeatable functional test cases

QATestLab Integrated Approach is a streamlined process, improved team communication, and real-time test results using advanced customizable reports to make smarter decisions and release better software

How we conduct testing for iGaming

Functional testing

We evaluate game functionality, including sound and video effects, behavior, logic, pay-out, random number generator, currency and points calculations, etc

GUI testing

We test the interface elements correspond with the requirements and implement as intended.

Regression testing

We verify that the changes made in the codebase do not impact the existing software functionality.

We check if the game is user-friendly

We use real accounts and payment methods gets rid of the block of real money for users.

Performance testing

We evaluate the game’s performance (loading speed, FPS, work with different internet connections, resource consumption, graphics, load, etc.)

Installation and compatibility testing

We test if the game can be installed and works properly on different devices, browsers, platforms.

Usability / UX testing

We check if the game is user-friendly.

Localization testing

We check if the game works correctly from different corners of the world.

Stages of testing

stage of testing