Mikhail Ivanov, Director, Lifard Ltd., Ukraine


Our company provides the ready IT solutions for active people, communities, organizations and companies that need to quickly and easily declare themselves in the Internet.


In November 2013, we had to test our site and create the necessary technical documents, including user manuals and technical translations. As partners we have chosen the "QATestLab" company.


A team of the QATestLab technical writers thoroughly conducted and executed the required documentation.

Testing engineers performed the following types of testing:

  • functional testing;
  • cross-browser testing;
  • cross-platform testing.

During the testing process the QATestLab specialists performed testing on the iOS and Android operating systems using the broad-spectrum of the popular smartphones and tablets.

The required types of work were properly performed. The QATestLab team helped us to significantly improve our site and correct existing defects. Now it can be satisfactory used by our customers who prefer different mobile platforms and browsers.

We are satisfied with the mutual cooperation with the testing engineers and technical writer of the "QATestlab" company. They perform their work professionally and within the agreed terms.