Martin Feuerhahn, CEO, C2Call, Germany


"We started our collaboration with "QATestLab" in the middle of 2009 in purpose to have testing of complex software product for lP-telephony consisted of integrated web-portal and several mobile platform applications. “QATestLab” specialists provided us with a high-quality QA service and testing infrastructure that helped to improve our Friendcaller VoIP products.

Our work with "QATestLab" started when we had to add the QA team as part of C2call software development process. Specialists of QATestLab very promptly learned the specifications and carried out the acceptance testing that helped to find out most of all defects in the software.

Test team also carried out manual testing of our leading products such as The we b-portal, also application on lPod, IPhone and Android platforms. The work was executed on the high level that allowed release of the high-quality product in time.

Particular helpful was "QATestLab" capability to adjust testing scope and schedule to our fast changing development plans.

During our collaboration "QATestLab" has proven to be the reliable partner that always follows all agreements, requirements and standards.

We are pleased to found in "NET Technology Center WEB100" a reliable and competent partner and are very satisfied with our collaboration with "WEB100" and "QATestLab" and we intend to continue our joint work.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of "QATestLab" for everyone looking for software development quality improvement or testing of complex IT solutions."