Dave Polsky, Managing Partner, Toronto Professional Services LTD, Canada

Toronto Professional Services LTD has been working with QATestlab company since 2011. We contacted them to verify the performance and reliability of websites. Test engineers performed functional and cross-browser testing. Thanks to the work performed we got the final product of high quality that matches the originally stated requirements.


We could not have delivered such a stable product for our customers without QATestLab doing their part.


They know what to test and how to test it. They also give user experience feedback which is hugely helpful.


High level of professional behavior is a distinctive feature of QATestLab. They do their best to get the end product of high quality. Wide experience in testing field helps QATestLab to achieve excellent results.


During the years of our cooperation we were able to build mutually beneficial relations. I would not hesitate to recommend QATestLab as a business partner for any software testing procedures. We look forward to continuing our business relationship for a long time.