Vladimir Ivanov, Computer Analyst, Robert Bosch, Germany


"Our company "Robert Bosch LTD" had positive experience of cooperation with "Web100 LTD" ("NET Technology Center WEB100" ,"QATestlab" trademarks) as complex software solutions integrator and executor of several projects made according with "Robert Bosh LTD" company requests. During cooperation process we'd admitted high level of professional execution and best quality of solutions, which was ultimately confirmed in challenges and changing conditions of our business.

In scope of development company's infrastructure and support project "Web100 LTD" has implemented software solutions and services listed below:

  • Creation and support company web portal
  • Implementing reliable portal content-management system
  • Making a lot of work including consolidation, review, analysis and web-publication of enterprise massive of documents and production catalogs in Internet/lntranet 
  • Development of the company Intranet solution and integrated intranet applications
  • Providing trainings of company's personnel
  • Providing consulting services
  • Make promotional actions for company trademark and company production

Quality assurance division "QATestlab" had successfully implemented testing support framework for software solutions support which allows to:

  • coverage of more than 90% of delivered functionality with automated regression tests
  • increase the flexibility of time and resources, help to avoid redundancy on test execution, increased test coverage, quality and reliability of the delivered software
  • state compliance of Internet/Intranet websites with corporate design, content and structure to official Bosch Guidelines
  • make structured history of the Bosch Group Web pages relations with corporative information and communication content

In result of integrated efforts group of Internet sites of « Robert Bosch LTD » won the first and the second places in global rating "Global Internet Review" in 2007.

As official representer of the "Robert Bosch LTD" I could state that we're completely satisfied with our partnership with "Web100 LTD" company and express the hope of fruitful cooperation in future."