Testing of Magento (Adobe Commerce) Online Stores

Comprehensive QA services for Magento shops to ensure positive user experience and sales growth

Our QA specialists experienced in testing Magento solutions of any version will be glad to assist you in checking all the aspects of your online shop to ensure its excellent performance and your revenue

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Years in
Magento Testing


QA engineers
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start within 1 day*

*after signing the documents

Why QATestLab

Our QA engineers are experienced in testing Magento

The required number of our specialists with strong Magento testing skills and competencies can join your project on demand.

We assist with Magento Marketplace validation of custom modules

We assist with Magento Marketplace validation of custom modules

A large pool of real testing devices

We have a pool of 350+ real devices for QA to catch all the bugs users with different phones, tablets, and PCs might encounter.

We can help to meet tight release deadlines

Involving our QA engineers will speed up testing and help to release in time. We also join a project fast; 30% of projects begin within 1 day after signing the documents.

We verify Magento integration with third-party systems

Ensure flawless integration between your Magento store and other platforms (CRMs, payment gateways, etc.) with our QA services.

Cooperation with us is transparent and convenient

Before the project begins, we can provide you with clear free estimates of time and money to be spent on testing. We have flexible cooperation models.

What we test

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Online stores based on ANY version of Magento

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Front-end and back-end testing of Magento-based stores

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Updates of Magento versions

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Magento extensions

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Integration with third-party solutions and payment systems

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Magento store migration

How we test Magento Commerce stores

Functional testing

We check if all functionality of the online shop works as expected, according to the requirements

GUI testing

We evaluate the ecom platform’s interface elements and their performance

Performance testing

We check the shop’s speed, responsiveness, reaction to high load due to many simultaneous visitors, and other performance parameters

Integration testing

We test if the Magento store properly integrates with third-party platforms

Compatibility testing

We verify the store’s correct work in different browsers and on different devices and platforms

Usability / UX testing

We check if the Magento shop is convenient and user-friendly

Regression testing

We check if recent bug fixes caused any issues or negative effect on the Magento shop’s work

Security testing

We assess the online store’s protection level based on the OWASP methodology

Stages of testing

stage of testing
what we deliver

Case studies

Magento 2 testing of an online shop selling ammuni
Magento 2 testing of an online shop selling seeds
Magento 2 testing of an online shop selling retro miniatures of cars

Find more Case studies here.