Business Models

In order to ensure flawless cooperation and the establishment of strong business relationships, we arrange workflow according to business models that will guarantee the increase of the company’s profit and fulfil the assigned commercial objectives.

Dedicated team

For customers with full-time projects who are looking for a permanent dedicated QA team, we establish collaboration based on the correspondent business model. Possessing large resources and equipment bases as well as competent QA specialists, we are ready to provide a customer with an independent QA team for long-term tasks. Due to ready-made infrastructure, our team is able to carry out several projects simultaneously without losing productivity. We provide full integration into the product development life-cycle and deep understanding and expertise of the project specifics.

With this business model, a customer has the ability:

  • to focus on particular business activities

  • to get a comprehensive quality evaluation that will not require additional management

  • to view candidates' CVs and conduct interviews

  • to delegate tasks to QA engineers and communicate directly with them

Time and Material

For software projects with dynamic requirements and set deadlines from 40 hours per month, we recommend the collaboration based on the time and material model. Due to our flexibility, we are able to adjust time and human resources according to changing project specifications and requirements.

With this business model, the customer will receive:

  • detailed estimations and quotation based on the project scope and requirements: determination of the range of the budget in terms of money and time, risk-free for the client

  • quick integration and scaling of the team within 1-3 days depending on the deadlines

  • flexible load regulation: extension or reduction of working scope on request

  • regular time reporting with agreed frequency (daily/weekly)

  • extension or reduction of working scope on request

Fixed Price

Fixed price is a special option for projects with a limited budget and short-term tasks. We are ready to provide QA and testing services according to the predetermined and fixed price for a certain scope of work within specified timing. After analyzing the project requirements and specifics, we negotiate the details and additional aspects together with the customer.