Business Models

Find the cooperation model that is the best match for your project

We offer flexible business models to make sure cooperation with us is convenient and efficient for you.

Business Model

What business models we offer


Regular scope of tasks with irregular load

You can strengthen your in-house team with additional QA competencies and technical resources.

We are flexible in cooperation and can adjust to the dynamic requirements of the project.

Projects with duration of less than 40 hours are carried out under the condition of payment at a double rate.


Continuous scope of tasks with regular load

You can get a remote QA team / expert for long-term cooperation at a monthly rate with a 10% discount (compared to Time and Material).

The Dedicated Team model implies a full-time load.

Our team / expert is fully integrated into your project.

This model is applied if the project’s duration is 3+ months.

This special option is available for short-term projects
with a limited budget.
It implies accomplishing specified QA tasks within
predefined time frames and budget.

DEDICATED TEAM: continuous solution

  • long-term projects
  • projects with a quickly expanding scope
  • the need to delegate QA tasks to focus on core in-house competencies
  • the necessity to expand the in-house QA expertise in certain types of testing
  • The QA team is completely engaged in your project and becomes an extension of your team for the required period.
  • Accurate time tracking: Our QA experts send detailed daily reports of their activities. Sick leaves and vacations are not billed.
  • We can set test infrastructure and arrange working places on our side or use your systems if it is preferable
  • On request, you have an option to check the QA engineers’ CVs and conduct interviews with them before they start working on the project.

TIME AND MATERIAL: flexible solution

  • part-time and flexible QA engagement required
  • dynamic requirements
  • changing task priority
  • the scope of work is not yet fully defined
  • not enough workload for full-time engagement
  • Detailed estimations and a quotation based on the project scope and requirements.
  • The budget and time frames are discussed and agreed upon before the project starts.
  • Flexible load regulation: extension or reduction of the scope of work on demand.
  • Regular reports at the agreed frequency (daily / weekly).
Managed Testing Service

Managed Testing Service

Managed testing is the end-to-end fully customized service we offer that enables businesses to

  • delegate the responsibility of managing and monitoring the testing process to our
    QA Project Manager
  • entrust the complex technical aspects of organizing QA to our QA Tech Lead.
What you will get:

Arrangement of all testing processes and removal of all QA bottlenecks

Constant high-quality communication that allows to predict and determine all the customer’s needs

Reduction of potential risks, expenses, and downtime

Updated and improved test planning, management, governance, and reporting

Deep technical expertise and recommendations from a QA Tech Lead

To start working on your project, we need to:

icon time

Define the cooperation model and project duration

icon report

Agree on the deliverables and the form of reporting

icon folder

Receive access to your software

icon apply

Sign the required documents

Let’s boost software quality together