Business Models

In order to ensure flawless cooperation and the establishment of strong business relationships, we arrange workflow according to business models that will guarantee the enlargement of the company’s profit and fulfill the assigned commercial objectives. At the same time, to maintain the competitive ability in dynamic and fast-changing markets, we apply engagement models.
Business models

Dedicated TeamFor customers who are looking for a permanent dedicated QA team, we establish collaboration based on the correspondent business model. Possessing large resources and equipment basis as well as competent QA specialists, we are ready to dedicate to a customer separate QA team for long-term tasks.
Having the opportunity to focus on particular business activities, customers will get a comprehensive quality evaluation that will not require additional management. Due to ready-made infrastructure, our team is able to carry out several projects simultaneously without losing productivity.

Fixed PriceBased on the available specification, we are ready to provide QA and testing services according to the predetermined and fixed price for a certain scope of work within specified timing. After analyzing project requirements and specifics, we negotiate details and additional aspects together with the customer.
Clear and precise requirements, well-defined purposes and risk assessment ensure on-time project fulfillment. Fixed price based on detailed estimates guarantees the task execution within the agreed budget. After completing the scope of work, the customer approves the project based on the acceptance criteria.

Time and MaterialsFor long-term projects with changing requirements and varying scope of work, we recommend the collaboration based on time and material model. Due to our flexibility, we are able to adjust time and human resources according to changing project specifications and requirements. 

As a customer does not strictly define timeframes and tasks, the productivity of the QA team may be low. But to not losing our reputation, we are trying to optimize all testing activities and ensure fast task fulfillment based on our large experience in the testing solution for different industries.

Engagement Models

For our customers to arrange effective testing processes, we ensure high flexibility in collaboration by following engagement models. Based on project specifics and defined objectives, we select the model that will be more suitable for a certain project.

A cost-effective solution for fixed QA and testing activities requiring minimal investment.

An effective approach for projects with tight deadlines. About 30% of projects starts within one day.

A proper arrangement of software testing procedure based on product types, available budget and time.

The best approach to receive objective testing that does not require the customer's own infrastructure.

An effective test planning, execution, automation, documentation and closure to customers on time.