What Is Selendroid?

The product should be really qualitative in order to be popular among the end-users. Nobody will use the program which is teeming with bugs.

For the purpose of improving the quality of the Android-based products, the special tool Selendroid was developed. Performing automated testing of mobile applications of diverse kinds, one may utilize this tool. With the help of Selendroid, it is possible to conduct website testing and also native and hybrid Android-based applications.


Besides that, this framework may be used for testing on both real devices and emulators. Executing mobile application testing, one may create tests via API Selenium 2. This is a rather capable Android-based products testing tool.

What are the advantages of using Selendroid?

  • Android testing with Selendroid does not require any changes in the app itself. It is necessary only to install the binary file (APK) on the computer.
  • With this tool, compatibility testing will have no difficulty because Selendroid may interact with diverse devices and emulators simultaneously.
  • The tool may simulate the user’s actions - tab, drag-and-dropping, scrolling, and etc.
  • It is possible to switch on/off the plugins during testing without restarting or stopping the tests. Selendroid discovers new devices automatically.
  • The framework maintains new Android API versions.
  • Due to the in-built monitoring tool, UI testing will be much easy to execute. This tool identifies user interface elements (text fields, buttons, and so on).