About QATestLab

QATestLab is an international QA and testing provider with headquarters in Cyprus and R&D centers in France, Poland, Cyprus, and Ukraine.

Since the day our company started, quality, reliability, and innovation have been solidly embedded in our culture and our ways of working. It makes QATestLab not only a leading QA provider but an exciting place to establish a career.

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Independent Testing Provider

As a provider of independent testing services, QATestLab offers an impartial assessment of software quality, applying deep expertise and fresh eyes of our QA engineers. We check solutions from the user perspective, enhanced by our extensive knowledge and experience in software testing. As we specialize in quality evaluation, we have accumulated a large testing infrastructure and much experience in QA of various types of software for many different industries.

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with distinctive, lasting, and effective improvements in software quality through testing to release to the market great products that attract, excite, and retain users and potential business partners.

Our values


We believe trust and clarity are essential for productive collaboration. That is why we are open and honest with our clients about all the work and testing aspects. We provide clear and detailed reports on what and when we test, as well as precise estimates of all the required resources.

Continuous Learning

We improve our skills and abilities through learning and self-development. By implementing new technologies and approaches, we adapt ourselves to dynamic market growth and challenges. Learning is our habit. We also have our own Training Center for QA engineers and have taught around 40 000 students over the years.


We believe collaboration must always come first for true success. Individuals, teams, and even companies working together for the common goal can achieve more than if they were alone. This is why we value teamwork so much. Respect, open-mindedness, and efficiency is what we apply in our team and when working with other teams.

Why QATestLab

Quick start

We can start testing within 1-3 days; 30% of projects begin within 24 hours after signing the documents.

Testing only when you need it

You can use testing services on-demand, pause testing, or renew it whenever you need it.

250+ QA engineers

Our testing experts (Junior, Middle, Senior), experienced in many industries and types of software, are ready to join the project at any stage of software development. We can scale and enhance your team quickly and make rotation on-demand.

Checking the product with fresh eyes

As our experts are not as deeply familiar with the product as the in-house team, they can take the user’s position, but with the QA domain expertise. This helps to perform an impartial and thorough evaluation of the solution and find more bugs.

Projects of different size and complexity

We work with projects of almost any size (starting from 40 hours and no upper limit) and complexity.

350+ real devices for testing

We possess extensive testing infrastructure (350+ devices: Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux, AR/VR) and experience in working with 40+ testing tools.

Writing test documentation

We can write all test documentation per your request (test plan, test cases, checklists, etc.) and always provide timely well-structured bug reports. This helps to keep the knowledge about the product and improve the QA processes.

QA processes optimization

Our senior QA experts and project managers can assist with test processes management and optimization to make QA in the company as efficient as possible. Our QA Tech Leads can give advice on complex technical aspects of testing and recommendations on processes improvements.

Test automation

We automate manual test cases to perform them faster, increase test coverage and testing accuracy, and help to optimize budget.

Our customers

Over 3000 projects in various fields (web, mobile, game, e-com, cloud solutions, etc.) from companies all over the world prove that we are worth trusting.

Check our case studies here.