Test Automation

Test Automation

Why Test Automation?

To ensure the continuous delivery of high-quality software, automation of testing is critical. Its aim is to speed up the QA process without compromising its effectiveness. Test scripts enable wider test coverage and fast test results. When replacing repeated manual work with automated tests, the overall cost of software testing is reduced. With automation, you get a high ROI in the long run.

How We Test

To ensure full implementation of automation principles, we analyze the industry specifics, business goals and define the goal of automation before starting the project. After reviewing the project scope, our QA team prepares detailed estimations and an assessment of the project for you to get a clear picture of future workflow and to make sure we will meet your project objectives.

We execute multithreaded tests to provide you with fast test results and optimize QA activity. We launch automated tests on physical devices or emulators. Some tests can be run in the cloud if required. After the automation project is accomplished, you receive a turnkey solution for automation testing for fast and cost-effective QA.

test automation process

What We Automate

Our team of QA Automation Engineers has experience in automating software of different types including mobile (native and hybrid applications), desktop (application suites and their extensions), web (user interface and functionality), cloud solutions, and API. With our automation services, you get scripts in Java, JavaScript, C#, Python*

*The language of automation scripts does not have to correspond to the programming language of your project.

We automate cross-browser, cross-platform, regression, functional, smoke, sanity, and UI tests. Having successfully accomplished more than 200 projects, we have experience in automation testing for such industries as Logistics, E-commerce, Banking & Finance, E-learning, and Healthcare.

We strive to continually increase our automation skills, so carry out ongoing learning and are open to new and challenging projects.

Automation Service Package

Thanks to our flexible approach and expertise, we are able to fully integrate into your project team and workflow by either developing in-sprint automation for Agile projects or implementing continuous testing.

Preparation stage

  • develop test plan
  • evaluate and compare automation tools
  • prepare proof of concept

Execution stage

  • develop, execute and maintain test scripts
  • implement testing framework
  • setup infrastructure for automation
  • integrate tools and frameworks


  • review existing automation project
  • update existing automation project
  • prepare instructions for script run