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Usability Testing for Mobile Applications

Usability testing of a mobile application serves to understand how end-users interact with a product and identify problem areas. The performance data obtained afterward, such as time on task, error-rate, and task success, provide the basis for design improvements. 

Video Game Testing: All in One

We, at QATestLab, take games really seriously and urge game developers to do so as well. For this purpose, we have put together an all-in-one game testing cheat sheet with algorithms, testing techniques, and common defects.

How to Test Online Store Search Functionality

Search functionality testing is a complex process. It covers the majority of standard testing types, placing a particular emphasis on data correctness and error handling parameters. In this article, we are going to show you how to make sure the search functionality on your website meets all the modern requirements by the all-conquering power of software testing.