Security Testing of Mobile Apps

Nowadays the majority of end users care about their data security. For instance, planning to make some purchases online, people pay attention to the site, read testimonials, and etc.

But even if the website has credibility, nobody can say confidently that the hackers will not get access and use confidential information for their own ends. To avoid such situation, software testing company performs a set of tests which will help to define security level of the application.


Executing penetration testing, security control, reliability testing, accessibility control, the specialists define the weak points of the product security system for the further their removal.

Also, information security audit is conducted for the objective estimation of the system security level. Executing security testing, the specialists run special test scenarios.

What are security tests?

  • Testing of security strength to the external attacks.
  • Checking of authentication process correctness.
  • The user passwords validation.
  • Defining the session expiration date.
  • Analysis of database and requirements for data validation.
  • Certificates validation.
  • Data validation of unregistered users.
  • Testing of protocols.

One should not forget about cryptography. Also, business logic realization should meet security requirements and undergo any kind of external attacks. One should pay special attention to the caching process.

The hackers utilize diverse techniques and methods in order to gain access to the private data and confidential information. Thus, security testing should be detailed and accurate.