Software Development

We do testing, not development

Digital transformation triggers the change of different aspects of human
lives. To be compatible at the market and meet users' needs, businesses
modify their strategies and develop software products that will simplify
and accelerate the development processes. QATestlab provides the ser-
vices of software testing to ensure a high quality of products.

Our services include both quality verification of software products of dif-
ferent types, and testing of documentation to ensure a smooth develop-
ment and release of the product, test management to ensure flawless and
well-established activities, consulting at any stage of testing process, and
Quality Assurance to make sure that the product meets international
quality standards. We detect issues but do not perform bug fixing.

What we test

Our dedicated QA teams perform quality verification of software products
for different market segments. We are able to conduct a wide range of
testing of e-commerce, healthcare, media and entertainment, travel and
accommodation, and business solutions.

We are able to test generic / stand-alone systems and customized soft-
ware products. We have experience in testing web and mobile software,
cloud solutions, loT products, APIs and desktop applications.

How we test

Acceptance Testing

We perform software testing manually to cover the following aspects of
software products: functionality, integration, configuration, installation,
compatibility, GUI, and UX / usability.
We automate the test to speed up the testing process and increase ROI.
We have experience in developing automated test scripts for security and
performance testing of mobile, web, and e-commerce solutions.

Learn more about how we work on examples of accomplished projects.

Flexibility of QA team

Acceptance Testing

While providing QA and testing services, we are able to adopt different
software development models including Scrum, Kanban, XP (eXtreme
Programming), and DevOps deployment.
We can join the project at different stages: testing of a build product,
test-driven development, debugging functions, and periodic testing. We
are responsible for software quality, not a development procedure.