Business Solutions

QATestLab provides business solutions testing to facilitate the improvement of business collaboration and increased sales due to full functionality, stability, and security of software products.

What we test

We perform testing of the following business solutions:

B2BB2B platforms

corporate websiteCorporate websites

business card websites Business card websites

crmCRM (Customer Relationship Management) system

eas.png EAS (Enterprise Application Software) solutions

dssDSS (Decision Support Software) solutions

bpmBPM (Business Performance Management) systems

software for reporting Software for reporting

employee scheduling systemsEmployee schedule systems

How we test

We provide a wide range of testing services with our large testing infrastructure including tools and software for quality verification. We conduct functional, performance, security, system, integration, compatibility, and UX/usability testing.


bussines solution

Learn more about how we work in examples of completed projects.

Project Budget Optimization

m We are free from industry stereotypes and provide objective quality assessment. We eliminate expenses required for testing activities using our large testing infrastructure including available devices and PC with different configurations, testing frameworks, and bug tracking tools.

To ensure fast and thorough testing of complex systems, our test automation engineers design their own test scripts and have frameworks and tools for automation available. Our test automation services will ensure a high ROI.