Mobile Apps: Checking Compatibility and Recoverability

The trouble of modern age is that there is the widest breadth of everything. People may get whatever they want. And if there are any problems, then a thing may be easily replaced. This does not only relate clothes, furniture, and etc. Such situation is typical for the IT world as well.

A user downloaded an application for his smartphone, in a few days and sometimes even in a few minutes of usage, he realized that interface does not scale to fit the screen size and some failures in work continuously take place.

Certainly, such product operation will suit nobody. The reason lies exactly in mobile application testing, more specifically in a low-quality and tenuous checking.


It is important to fulfil compatibility checking and system recoverability testing. Conducting recoverability checking, software testing company checks whether the system is able to operate correctly again after any failure, crash, power interruptions, network suspense, and so on.

How to perform compatibility testing effectively?

  • User interface validation. It is necessary to check that an application scales to fit the screen size of the device, all text fragments are seen and available.
  • The text checking. All text fields and fragments should be readable for all users of diverse models and types of mobile devices.
  • Testing of notification and calls correct operation. A user should have an opportunity to field calls and notifications regardless of other applications working.

Frequently, compatibility testing is one of the main checking types as a majority of clients and software vendors fully understand the importance of this testing type.