Francis Pearson, Section Editor, Eaglemoss, Great Britain

Eaglemoss thanks QATestLab for high-quality testing of our spy-robot. Due to it we amended our product and eliminated its imperfections.

Our spy-robot is a complex device equipped with surveillance camera, scanning lidar, light sensors, optical encoders and possessing night vision capability. It is elaborated by the leading robotics experts with appliance of the most up-to-date technologies.

Our Spy-Robot Can:

  • shoot what is going on around it;
  • map and navigate your rooms;
  • be accessed remotely via PC or Smartphone;
  • be controlled by radio handset;
  • send messages;
  • see and film with night vision;
  • recognize voice commands;
  • track humans and other warm moving objects;
  • use mains or battery power.

We started to cooperate with QATestLab in March 2013. We selected very carefully the company to which to entrust testing out spy-robot. As our product is oriented on Russian speaking customers we wanted a software testing company to locate in a Russian speaking state.

QATestLab Performed:

  • installation testing;
  • functional testing;
  • and check-list testing of the robot
  • localization testing;
  • voice recognition testing (performed by a Russian native speaker).

We consider collaboration with QATestLab efficient and profitable and recommend it as qualified and competent software testing company. We plan to continue working with QATestLab.