Media and Entertainment

What we do

QATestLab provides the services of Media and Entertainment solutions testing to ensure the product
availability on various channels and across different devices.
For our customers to get revenue opportunities, we help to deliver a high-quality content that ensures coming back of users.

What we test


Our services of quality assessment of the solutions for Media and
Entertainment industry include testing of distribution channels,
informational portals, systems for managing and storing media
assets, and promo websites.

We have experience in testing the software products developed on
the basis of most popular CMS (Content Management Systems)

How we test

Our package of testing Media and Entertainment solutions includes the following testing types: cross-browser testing, functional testing,
regression testing, design testing, usability testing, load testing, security testing, and mobile testing.
Due to our large park of devices, we are able to verify compatibility of the solution on different types of OS.


We support every testing project with detailed Test Documentation including checklists, test plans, test strategies,
test cases, and bug reports.

Learn more about how we work on examples of accomplished projects.

Quick project processing

To ensure a quick project start, we have pre-installed Virtual Machines, browser plugin and extensions.
We help to reduce expenses required for test configurations. Also, we have large testing infrastructure that includes the tools for test case
management, bug tracking systems, and testing tools.

We have more than 200 mobile devices to verify system compatibility.