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Testing multimedia apps for maximum quality

Ensure user satisfaction, positive reviews, and higher revenue from media and entertainment solutions with efficient on-demand software testing services by QATestLab.

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Why QATestLab


During our 18+ years in the QA field, we have accomplished 3000+ projects for various industries, including media and entertainment.

Quick start

Most of our projects start with just a few days’ advance notice; 30% of projects begin within one day after signing the documents.


Before the project begins, we can provide you with estimates of time and money to be spent on testing. You can also choose and interview testers for your project.

Extensive infrastructure

We have a large pool of 350+ real testing devices and experience in working with 40+ testing tools.

On-demand services

The requested number of our 250+ QA engineers are ready to join your project at any phase of the software development life cycle, testing only what you need and when you need it.


We have different cooperation models suitable for projects of any scale and complexity.

What we test




Radio apps

streaming settings

Audio and
video players


Apps for creating

audio graph

Audio and
video converters

signing monitor

Karaoke apps, and
many others

How we test multimedia apps

Functional testing

We check if the application functions correctly and in accordance with the requirements

Regression testing

We check if the recent changes made in the app had any negative effect on its work

UI/UX testing

We assess the interface elements and whether the app is user-friendly

End-to-end testing

We perform the complete evaluation of the app to verify its proper flow

Performance testing

We evaluate how well the app works in terms of performance (speed, resource consumption, load, etc.)

Test automation

We perform automated testing and provide assistance with test automation to optimize the testing process and increase its efficiency

Compatibility testing

We check if the app works properly in various environments (different devices, browsers, platforms)

Stages of testing

stage of testing
what we deliver

Case studies

Cinemagram: App for creating short animations
TuneIn: App for listening to world radio stations
Automatic video rendering and publishing app

Find more Case studies here.