WebIssues represents an open source. The main purpose of this multi-platform system is to track issues and to provide the team collaboration.

WebIssues was designed both for tracking problems with different descriptions, attachments, comments and attributes and also for storing and sharing of these problems.

The most important advantage is that it is able for usage and installation even for ordinary user, besides it has a huge amount of options and abilities.

Key features of the tracker:

  • Desktop client - the main thing that distinguishes WebIssues from other trackers. Using this feature can greatly speed up the work with the tracker, as well as reduce the usage of traffic (with WebIssues it is quite comfortable to work even using the mobile internet). The client can run it both on Windows and on Linux.
  • Customizable task types - if the task types, that are present in the tracker by default, are not enough for you, you can create your own types, where it will be able to use text and numeric fields, date and time fields, lists of users and arbitrary lists.
  • Filtering and searching of tasks - searching and filtering can be performed by any of the existing fields in the tracker. Also there is the ability to save filters.
  • Notification system - users can set notifications on their own, choosing only the necessary sections and task types for observation. Notifications are displayed on a special control panel in the client's window or sent to the e-mail.
  • Creating Reports and Exporting Data - you can manually configure the reports by selecting the required fields for export. Exports may be performed in the PDF, HTML, CSV formats.
  • Low demands on resources - both server and client side of the tracker is very undemanding to system resources. The server part quietly coexists even on shared hosting. In addition, the server side differs with omnivorous and can be installed on the Apache or IIS Web server with PHP4 or PHP5 support and any of the MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server or Firebird databases.