Partner with a leading provider of
independent software testing and QA services

At QATestLab, we believe that building and maintaining a mutually beneficial and transparent relationship with our partners is an ultimate win-win strategy. We invite you to learn more about our mission and cooperation models. Together, we can skyrocket the quality of the software developed globally.

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Are you looking to boost your career in IT sales?

  • Choose the cooperation model that satisfies your
  • Earn commission for your skills and ability to
    close deals
  • Sell a product or service that is high-demand and
  • Enjoy flexibility and choose the degree of involvement that
    would not interfere with your other professional activities
  • Get full legal support, sales scripts, marketing collateral, and
    transparency at each stage of cooperation

Are you interested in partnering with a trusted software testing provider?

  • Add software testing and QA to your portfolio
    of services
  • Leverage the expertise of a fully equipped team of
    experienced and qualified QA engineers
  • Boost brand recognition through joint marketing activities
    (workshops, webinars, and much more)
  • Save time on reviewing applications, screening, shortlisting,
    and selecting the right candidates
  • Benefit from additional monetization of existing customers
    with minimal involvement

What is it like to partner with QATestLab?

Becoming a QATestLab sales representative is not just about offering high-quality software testing services. You grow
your connections in the thriving IT industry and monetize networking skills. We help you succeed. Our approach is flexible
and diversified to match your needs and preferred degree of involvement.

Partnering with QATestLab means increased revenue, an enhanced product portfolio, and an extended business
network. We invite partners from local and global markets willing to offer more to their customers by adding software
testing and QA to their portfolio of services.

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Please, contact us at and a our partnership
manager will be in touch with you shortly to discuss our collaboration.