Games Testing

Games Testing

What we do

The increasing demands of gamers make publishers and companies creating computer games spend much time, money, and effort to deliver the product of high quality that will help to enlarge profit by ensuring positive user experience. In order to assist game companies to attract and hold gamers, QATestLab provides the services of game testing.

In order to evaluate the game’s quality properly, we take into account its type, genre, technical specifics, and aims. We test PC games, portable console games, stand-alone platforms, mobile games. We have experience in the majority of genres, e.g. adventure, puzzle, action, education, sports, real-time strategy, simulations.

How we test

Striving to provide effective testing, we always base our activities on well-prepared test documentation, properly selected methodologies, and well-design test strategy. Applying black box strategy, we detect bugs of different types from the end-users’ perspective.

Buggy games with low performance or inconvenient interface will obviously fail. Besides, the integration and compatibility capacity of the game also affect the user experience. In order to avoid difficulties and shortcomings, we conduct functional, load, localization, compatibility testing.

Game Testing scheme 

Game testing structure

Performing game testing, we verify new builds that may contain new issues. In order to avoid missing any bug, our game testing possesses the following structure:

pre-production → kickoff → alpha → beta → gold → release → post-release

We conduct complex testing without missing any detail. Checking game flow and logic, we do not forget to pay attention to its music and sound, animation, and art that all create a certain atmosphere during gaming. In order to make sure that the game is user-friendly, we perform verification of its text element, buttons, menus, and navigations.

Learn more about how we work on examples of accomplished projects.

Why QATestLab game testers?

When testing games, we are trying to see the whole picture at once not just separate elements. Our dedicated team of game testers consists of specialists that are active gamers. Due to their large gaming experience, they are familiar with the potential weak points of the product and know what a gamer expects.

We start testing only after a thorough examination of game rules and check if game logic does not violate them. Testing multiplayer online games, we verify that a system can overpass high loads without losing its performance. Besides, we always make sure that the loading time is acceptable.

In order to ensure positive user experience, we check the game in different types of network connections at various speeds. Due to our large park of devices, we provide compatibility testing on real devices and in real-world conditions.